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How To Set Optional Products In Odoo E-commerce

How To Set Optional Products In Odoo E-commerce

AsrayaDec. 6, 2018

What Is Optional Product?

Optional product or Cross-selling is the activity or practice of selling an additional product or services to an existing customer. Which identifies products that satisfy additional, complementary needs that are unfulfilled by the original item. Businesses characterize cross-selling in many different ways. Components that will impact the definition may include the size of the business, the industry sector it works within and the financial inspirations of those required to define the terms.

The main objective of cross-selling is to increase the organization’s revenue. Cross-Selling in the e-Commerce environment includes identifying related items and making relevant offers while in-person cross-selling could require training in compelling approaches. However, the objective is to make a profit for the organization while creating a satisfied customer.

Hope you clear what is optional product or cross selling in ecommerce. So now the question is how to achieve this in Odoo? Don't worry. Below are the simple steps.

Optional Products in Odoo E-Commerce 

Odoo offers an e-Commerce platform to promote your product or services. Odoo supports the feature of setting Optional Products In Odoo E-commerce. With Odoo e-Commerce you can easily create an online store with custom designs for product page to make your business in a unique way. You can create an amazing online store without any experience. Odoo E-commerce apps help to easily buildup featured E-commerce application.

Also, it is possible to set optional products in Odoo e-Commerce. Once the customer chooses an item then the related product list will appear below the selected item.

For example, a customer purchasing a computer could be shown accessories like a computer case, Mouse and Keyboard. In Odoo, a customer can be given extra products that are applicable to their chosen purchase. Which is comfortable for a customer that he can buy required products from one search.

How To Set Optional Products In Odoo E-Commerce?

In order to use optional products, you will need to have the e-Commerce Optional Product app installed. This is available in odoo community version itself. So ready to start?

For that, go to Apps > Search for e-Commerce Optional Product app > Install:

Install e-Commerce Optional Product app for Setting Optional Products In Odoo E-commerce

To enable the optional product feature go to Website > Configuration > Settings > Customer Experience > Optional Products:

 Enable the optional product feature

To create a new product contain Optional Products, Go to Inventory > Master Data > Products > Create:

 creating new product contain Optional Products

Click on Sales option choose the optional products from the drop-down list > Save:

Choose the optional products from the list.

Let’s see how it works with e-Commerce.

Go to Website > Select the Shop option from top right corner > Select one product > Click on Add To Cart:

Option for Add to Cart.

You can see the optional products were added with the item under Select Your Options. Which displays the price and Add to Cart button:

Display of price and Add to Cart buttonSo why you waiting for? Start cross selling and double your sales. If you are not yet in to new digital store or renovate your digital store with strong backend erp, Team Technaureus is here to assist you.Odoo ERP services

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