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How to set default terms and conditions for quotation or orders in Odoo


HibaNov. 5, 2018

Specifying terms and conditions is essential to maintain good relationship between customer and the seller. Every seller has to declare all the information regarding the products and company policy so that customer can read all these terms and condition before committing to anything. It is very easy to set terms and conditions for sales in Odoo.. This terms and conditions will be displayed under each sales order.

To enable this go to sales >>> settings >>> quotations & orders >>> mark tick on default terms and condition.     

set the terms and condition for sale from sales settings  In that box you can add your terms and conditions and they will appear on every quotation, sales order and invoice. You can set the terms and conditions like below.

 add terms and conditionsThen create a quotation and you can see this terms and condition below the quotation.

create a quotationThis configuration helps to avoid duplicate jobs that manually type or copy paste in all documents like quotation, invoice etc. Once we configured, this will be there for all documents.

Hope you understood how to set terms and conditions for sales in Odoo..


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