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How To Scrap Products In Odoo Inventory


Muhammed NizarudheenNov. 7, 2018

Scrap Products In Odoo Inventory

To be simple scrap is something valueless. Scrap management is a very simple but eminently useful feature of Odoo manufacturing ERP. In the company stockroom, you once in a while discover items that are unusable because of expiry or for some other reason. You regularly see this during physical stock. Since you can't sell or store these items, you need to scrap that. In Open ERP/Odoo scrap management you can create one or more scrap locations for scrap Products In Odoo Inventory

For this, we need to enable >Multi-warehouses from >Inventory >Settings

enable Multi-warehousesNow you can create a new scrap location.

Go to >Inventory module   >Warehouse Management  >Locations  >Create

You should check >Is a Scrap Location?

All other information related to the new location can be added here.

Create new scrap locationsTo scrap the incoming shipments(Receipt)

Go to >Inventory>Dashboard  >Receipts >scrap

Now a popup window will appear. Select the product, quantity to be scrapped, scrap location etc. Then click >done to scrap.

scrap the incoming shipmentsTo scrap the outgoing shipments(Delivery Order)

Go to >Inventory   >Dashboard  >Delivery Orders >scrap

The rest of the procedures are the same as the previous case.

scrap the outgoing shipmentsScrap from the internal transfer

Go to >Inventory   >Dashboard  >Internal Transfers >scrap

The rest of the procedures are the same as the previous case.

Scrap from the internal transferOdoo inventory have good capacity to manage the scrapping of products, this eventually helps to maintain the proper stock and in turn stock value.

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