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How to manage Advance payments for sales in Odoo

advance payments in odoo

ajay krishnaFeb. 7, 2020

Advance payments in odoo is a payment that is made before goods or services are provided. The advance payment is the good-faith money your client pays when you both sign a contract or letter of agreement.Depending on the type of the product, advance payment generally ranging between 5 to 20 percent of the purchase price.

In odoo Sales Advance Payments are known as Down Payment.



sales quotation in advance payments in odoo

Click create-> To create a new quotation

create sales quotation in advance payments in odoo

 Enter details:

  • Customer

  • Address

  • Expiration Date

  • Price list

  • Payment Terms


   And add the product,enter the Quantity and Save the quotation

    Add an item->


    Confirm sale->

sales confirmation in advance payments in odoo


Click on Create Invoice-> to create the invoice

invoice creation in advance payments in odoo

  • Invoiceble line:Used for single payment

  • Invoiceable lines(Deduct down payments):It will deduct if the down payment create

  • Down payment(percentage):Using to create down payments in percentage

  • Down payment(fixed amounts):Using to create fixed price down payment

      In the above window,created a 10% down payment on product.and click

      Create Invoices-> to create.

       Then click Invoices->

 invoice of advance payments

     In the below window click Validate-> for invoice validation

Advance payment in odoo by the management or the human resource for the the payment in advance for the requirement of any purpose.The advance pay role slip is for workers to get the payments in easy and the purpose which they require.

The advance payment in odoo is the most update feature which is to gain the attention of people who consider odoo as not a useful. It makes a clear idea to how the advance payments  made easy.  How to operate it with simple way. Our company makes a research whether employees need advance payments to meet their requirements?It is a kind of HR management  pay role policies. The Configuration of Pay Role is simple when it do with proper .

However,  the answer was we expect. Certainly, They need advance pay role in order to meet the requirements.  So we created an opportunity to prove that this could be done with the help of our experts ion odoo. Moreover, The members already prepared a draft with our concepts and published.The result was the best. The Pay Role software is helpful for the easiness of the usage.

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