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How to add participants for a meeting in Odoo 11 Calendar

Odoo 11 Calendar

ajay krishnaDec. 18, 2019

In this blog we discuss about how to add participants for meeting in Odoo 11 Calendar. Now let's have a look at it :

Installation Of Calender In Odoo 11 :


Install Calendar in Odoo

Install the app and go to :


Go to Menu Calendar in Odoo

Click on the date of the meeting in the calendar.

Example : In the above calendar we have select 26.

click create in Odoo Calendar meeting

Name the summary and then click Create-> to create.

In 26th day an event is created:

Create Event in Odoo meeting calendar

Click on the Meeting->

Click on Meeting

Click Edit-> to edit the meeting

To add Participants, click on Select attendees->

Select Attendees

Then, click Save->

Click save

Now the calendar will show the meeting and also the attendees number. Meeting is important for every business and there should be frame a time schedule including the date and persons needed for it. These should be consider and arranged on the basis the time.The meetings are important to take the decisions immediately and take the action for the problems.

Proper scheduling makes proper time management.With out proper scheduling of time or the day there will be delays. Delay is a lazy thing and not acceptable for business and it makes the company to loss. The proper arrangement of meetings are need for making updates in work as well as in business .The performance of the company depends upon the meetings and proper scheduling helps to maintain timely decision making.

People who are important in every meetings make comfortable when all together they are arrived so proper scheduling by consider all persons are required.We have a system that consider all people and make more comfortable to stay updated with meetings and get feedback and take action according to it. Odoo make your business to grow  in a simple way and work pressure could be release through this. Calendar scheduling makes some changes within people and company and make more reliable with the decisions.

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