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Google Spreadsheet Integration In Odoo

Google Spreadsheet Integration In Odoo

Muhammed NabeelJune 13, 2019

Integrate your OpenERP with Google docs. Let's have a detailed view on Google Spreadsheet Integration in Odoo.

Go to Settings>General Settings>Integration:

Then check both Google Drive and Google Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet Integration


After that create the authorization code by clicking on the link below Google Drive and paste it in the given space.

authorization code


Access the google account



Sign In

After getting authorization code, create a Google Drive Template

Creating Google Drive Template for Google Spreadsheet Integration in odoo


There you can give the URL of the google spreadsheet document in google drive to which Odoo is linking. Give the Model in which you want to add the document. After saving the template go to contacts and select one to link the document,

URL for Google Spreadsheet Integration in odoo


There we can the template that created early by clicking the  Action button.

Clicking on the created template will lead us to the corresponding document in the google drive.

In such a way Google Spreadsheet Integration is possible in Odoo.





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