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Features of Odoo 11


Muhamed YasirFeb. 1, 2017

Odoo is the number one open ERP with many versions. Features of Odoo 11 makes it interesting. For this version, focused most of our efforts on improving the API so it will run faster and be easier for developers to work with.

This isn’t to say there’s nothing for the end user, though. It made small changes to many apps to make them more intuitive and also more useful. Odoo V11 introduced global keyboard shortcuts and a global search feature to make navigating Odoo quicker and easier than ever.

Features of Odoo 11

Odoo Community:

  • Usability
  • Speed
  • New Design (from current Odoo Enterprise)
  • Mobile

Odoo Enterprise:

  • Accounting
  • Localizations
  • Services Companies
  • Odoo Studio (make it even better)
  • Reporting & Dashboard (a more BI-like tool)

Functional Changes(Features of Odoo 11)

  • Time sheet app:
  1. New view for Time sheet recording
  2. Validation policy: decide to invoice on recorded time sheets and also on approved one
  3. New report has been added to analyze the differences between attendances and time sheets
  4. New time sheet flow: Create time sheet entries using the mobile app, tasks, and/or the time sheet menu. Then, a manager approves them and launches the invoicing through the approvals menu.
  • New Product Catalogue app: install the Product app to access the catalogue from your apps dashboard
  • Accounting app:
  1. New module to import CAMT.053 XML files to populate bank statements
  2. Analytic accounting analysis
  • Subscription app: new dashboard, cohort analysis, analysis by company and all companies
  • Discuss app:
  1. Counter near starred items
  2. Users can now type some shortcuts directly in the text box. For example:  /leave to leave the channel, /who to list who is in the channel and /help to see a list of commands
  • New payment acquirer: Payumoney and payment Stripe
  • Usability
  1. Odoo WMS: picking form improvements, changes in delivery slips and also variants menu entry.
  2. Odoo Subscription: on boarding, adding tags on self subscriptions.
  3. Accounting in Odoo : Revenue recognition usability improvements.
  • New global search in the home page (start typing something to see relevant menus)
  • Keyboard shortcuts: details on the top right menu on the home page.
  • New website dashboard.
  • Purchase: manage purchase agreement and also blanket.

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