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Event Management In Odoo

Event Management In Odoo

HibaOct. 22, 2018

Odoo provide a simple and nice event management system. Every industry will conduct many events for their marketing purposes and for expressing business strategies. So we can plan and execute events easily through the module of event management in odoo. Odoo can handle every events efficiently.

Now lets check how it works.

  • First go to Odoo apps and install Events module.
  • Then we can create event categories like seminar, conference etc from the menu.

          Events>>>Configuration>>>event categories.

  • Here you can enter event category, location, communication, visibility etc. Under the visibility, by marking limited seats true, you can set minimum and maximum number of registration

  • Under these event categories we can plan our events. We can enter event name, organizer, start date, end date etc. Also you can schedule email like notification email or remainder email from email schedule tab.

  • Then you can register the attendees and there is also an option to confirm or cancel the registration.
  • When you confirm one attendee you can give a badge for him by sending a confirmation mail.
  • Another main advantage of Odoo Event management is that it provide efficient report analysis by which we can analyse the report by date, organizer, attendees, category etc.

  • We have many dependent modules for event management in Odoo.
  • Website event track module helps you to track events from website.
  • When we publish events on the website through publish on website button we can see it from website through event Page.

  • The event sale module allows us to automate and connect our registration creation with our main sale flow.
  • To do so go to website menu, Go to website>>>Events>>>Select your event>>>click on register now

The Odoo opensource ERP provides the complete features of event management. This event management erp is completely integrated with website, accounts, purchases etc. The beauty of this event management system is very much easy to use and configurable.


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