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Employee Referral Module in Odoo v16

Employee Referral Module

NishanthMarch 22, 2023

The Odoo v16 Referral Module can be used to design a policy that requires an organization's present employees to recruit candidates for a specific position from their network. This approach is quicker and more effective.

The points and awards for each referral made by an employee for job openings at the organisation is used to operate the Odoo Referral module. Each of the earned referral points can be applied towards the purchase of products from the company's website or its details shop. You can build and list different incentives that have been defined in the platform using the Rewards window that is accessible in the Odoo Referral module.

On redirecting to Employee Referral module, it appears with an interesting dashboard which shows the Job vacancies, Referral detail, Rewards & Reward points.

In the configurations, Rewards, Levels, Friends, Alerts and on- boarding plans can be configured.


You may keep track of every reward record made in our company in the Rewards window. It lists the Product Name, Cost, Next Activity, Awarded Employees, and Company. New Rewards can be created by clicking CREATE Button.


The Odoo system gives you the ability to give staff different levels of recruitment operations for each referral. In Odoo, this feature was developed at various levels of hiring procedures to the appropriate employees in exchange for their priceless referrals. While creating a level, the level's name and necessary points can be customised with an illustration picture.


The module's Settings tab contains a link to the Friends menu. You can access the Friends window by choosing the Friends menu.

On creating friend, you can provide name, Position and Dashboard image. This provided data and image will reflect in referral dashboard when the referred friend on- boarded in the company.


It helps to alert or notify the recipient about an upcoming event or other things.


Onboarding is designed to create new Onboarding messages


The Job Opening details and points can be seen by clicking on ‘View Jobs’ Button. 

You can Refer a friend through email and also share this Job information through attached social medias.

On clicking on ‘more info’ button, it will redirect to website page including the Job Opening details.

On Clicking on ‘Rewards’ button, it will redirect to a page including the Reward details and from there you can request to buy the reward if points are achieved.

You can view all of your referrals by selecting the Referrals menu.

Depending on the phases for which the candidate qualifies, points will be awarded. A certain point will be given if the candidate is in the Beginning qualifying level.

The Recruitment Module tracks the interview status as In Progress, Hired, and Not Hired. The referral module allows the user who recommended this friend to view the status.

The Referral user get a notification message in their dashboard, if the referred friend is hired from recruitment, after the interview and contract signed. If the friend is employed, the dashboard's Successful field will display a message.

The successful level now includes your newly chosen avatar for the recently hired employee, as shown in the highlighted. This is how Employee Referral works in Odoo v16.







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