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Ecommerce Development in India


Muhamed YasirFeb. 27, 2020

What Is Ecommerce ?

Ecommerce, otherwise known as electronic commerce or internet commerce is the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet. It also includes the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions. It refers to the sale of physical products online. It also describe any kind of commercial transaction that is facilitated through the internet. The most popular example of ecommerce is online shopping. However, ecommerce can also entail other types of activities such as online auctions, payment gateways, online ticketing, and also internet banking. It has evolved to make products easier to discover and purchase through online retailers and marketplaces. Independent freelancers, small businesses, and large corporations have all benefited from ecommerce development in India, Kerala, Kochi.

Ecommerce development in India

Ecommerce can take on a variety of forms involving different transactional relationships between businesses and customers. There is a reason why ecommerce has demonstrated an explosive growth in the past couple of years. With the internet becoming an essential requirement of everyday life, businesses are learning to take advantage of the numerous benefits of ecommerce. The ecommerce online stores are very common and become a part of every day life. There is a method in how to build an ecommerce online store. Setting up an actual online store would probably take less than a day. But researching, building, launching and growing a profitable ecommerce business involve a number of steps and decisions. Hence, ecommerce development is becoming the most widely used and accepted form of business growth in almost every Country like India.


Ecommerce Development in India

Ecommerce will be confirmed as the major tool of sale for goods and services in the coming years. Successful ecommerce will become the notion which will be inseparable from the web because online shopping is becoming more and more popular and natural.  Per year there is a continuous growth in ecommerce deals. To the present day, the internet sales boom the foundation for magnificent ecommerce future. To attract more customers, owners will not only have to increase the number of services available to them. But also have to pay more attention to such elements like design, good presentation, etc. It is true to say that ecommerce has been revolutionizing the way that most of the firms are doing business. Owing to the strong development of the ecommerce, the customers can purchase almost everything online.

Lets see what made ecommerce development successful in India.

Break down all geographical barriers

The traditional way of shopping is only possible to people who are near by. Every one cannot reach that place and shop the products. But, it would be possible for all to shop their favorite products from the shop if it was also made online. Yes, the ecommerce development has made it a reality. By breaking every geographical barriers, people can shop any thing they want from the required store at any time. The ecommerce development company in India, Kerala, Kochi is increasing per year.

Optimizing financial cost

It takes less money to invest in an ecommerce store rather than starting a physical store. The major cost of possessing an ecommerce website is the initial design and development cost that we will discuss more specifically in the next part. Owing to this huge advantage, ecommerce is very affordable for start-up businesses who have the limited budget.

Easily scale your e-business when it grows

Growing and expanding the business to meet higher demands is the thing that all firms strive for. For physical store, business scaling means that we need to rent a larger space to accommodate more items. On other side, for an ecommerce store, we just need to get support from the ecommerce experts to implement some methods.

Provide detailed product information

Showing detailed description for each item in the shelves is impossible for traditional shops while it is an easy task for an ecommerce store. You can freely write long product description and display it on the product page. Moreover, for some special items, you can show your certificates related to product authentication or safety directly on the web to gain customers’ trust in your store.

Draw traffic to store with no-cost blogging

Another powerful unique tool for ecommerce websites is using blogging to attract customers and boost traffic without spending a penny. You are allow to write promotional posts as many as you want on your blog and share those via social networks to draw attention.

Features Of Ecommerce


Ecommerce is ubiquitous meaning that it can be everywhere. Hence, the ecommerce development company is present every where in the world.

Global Reach 

It allows business transactions on the cross country bound and is more convenient and also effective as compared with the traditional commerce.

Universal Standards 

The ecommerce technology is an unusual feature. It is the technical standard of the Internet, so to carry out the technical standard of ecommerce is shared by all countries around the world standard. Standard can greatly affect the market entry cost and considering the cost of the goods on the market.


The important parts of ecommerce is Advertising and Branding. It can deliver video, audio, animation, billboards, signs and etc. However, it’s about as rich as television technology.


Twentieth Century electronic commerce business technology is called interactive, so they allow for two-way communication between businesses and consumers.

Information Density 

The density of information the internet has greatly improved, as long as the total amount and all markets, consumers and businesses quality information. The electronic commerce technology, reduce the information collection, storage, communication and processing cost. At the same time, accuracy and timeliness of the information technology increases greatly, information is more useful, more important than ever.


The ecommerce technology allows for personalization. Business can be adjusted for a name, a person’s interests and past purchase message objects and marketing message to a specific individual. Hence, the growth of ecommerce development companies are huge.

Ecommerce Models

Ecommerce business models

The Ecommerce is a business model or a larger business model that allows companies or individuals through the electronic network and is usually the type of business segments in the internet. Via ecommerce, we can do business and it can provide a new way to companies of all sizes to create new relationships. Ecommerce levels the playing field for any organization that chooses to participate, small or large. In addition, also can buy or sell goods and products on the internet. Can do any trades through electronic measures and it can be electronic commerce, and without using any paper documents. As a result of which the ecommerce development company is at a hike in India and places like Kerala, Kochi. Electronic commerce is subdivided into four categories :

Business to Business (B2B)

B2B is when businesses sell to other businesses. This is typical of stationery stores who sell office equipment in bulk to businesses. Normally B2B companies provide a discounted rate per unit if customers buy in bulk which it is great motivation for offices to avail of.

Business to Consumer (B2C)

B2C is the most commonly thought of business model where merchants sell to consumers who buy a small amount of produce. A familiar example of the B2C model would be supermarkets where consumers buy their shopping weekly but they wouldn’t normally bulk buy anything.

Consumer to Consumer (C2C)

C2C is a relatively new business model where consumers who previously bought something seek to resell this item to another consumer. Through marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist, this can be easy and quite lucrative for selling items that you no longer have a use for.

Consumer to Business (C2B)

The C2B model, is when consumers offer products or services to businesses. The distinguishing feature of C2B is that customers bring value to the company.

Ecommerce Development

The development of Ecommerce websites by the companies is the most popular option for businesses, which provides the immense scope of online transaction and sales. Normal website is generally for searching and gaining information, ecommerce website services enable the user to purchase goods and services without going to a physical market. Therefore, seeking right ecommerce website development company is a vital step require to by the customers. The ecommerce development company is the sole representative of the entire business to the customers, hence any shortcomings and destructive attitude can affect the business. For choosing an Ecommerce Development Company, there are some factors that need to be considered for good business. The most important factors which must be analyzed are the capabilities, creativity and specialization of the company and it must be reviewed time to time which helps in selecting better options for business development.

Ecommerce Development in Kochi

Why Ecommerce Development ?

  • Importance of Ecommerce Development For Business

Ecommerce business is the best option available for the people to build a better business world rather than doing a traditional mode of business. For any business person, to have an ecommerce business is an added advantage for their business. The factors that cause for the importance of ecommerce business :-

  • Convenience

Convenience is the important factor that that makes more people to rely on ecommerce development. One person can shop, buy and sell products while sitting at home at anytime.

  • Round the clock service

It provides us round the clock services at all times even in midnight. So the customers do not require visiting a physical market if they need something during the night. It is the most convenient option for the people who are usually busy with their working schedules. So it helps you to be available for your customer 24*7

  • Wide Platform

It brings a wide range of customers across the nation or globe to your business. Therefore, it is a wise choice to choose an e-commerce platform to cross the geographical barriers for your business.

  • Business promotion

It is directly linked to your business promotions, as it is the age of digital media. Making your business available online is crucial to your business development such as, highly convenience, wide exposure, global customer, easy to run, etc. and it will help in creating a strong & global brand image for your business.

Technaureus For Best Ecommerce Development

Technaureus Info Solutions is a leading software development company in Kerala, India. Technaureus is a leading Ecommerce development in Kochi, India which offers Ecommerce Development services in India and also all abroad. Ecommerce website services are very common in Kochi and moreover its importance is increasing per day. Technaureus have an experienced team who can deliver the best Ecommerce development services to their clients. Therefore, to avail the best services you are always free to approach Technaureus.


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