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Document Management Software

Document Management Software

Sarin RajSept. 14, 2019

Document Management System for SMEs


Typically, companies of any industry handle greater amount of documents. A document management system which used to track, manage and store all these document as a digital document which reduce paper. Document management application are designed to improve your business handling of electronic files, Digitization has leads to an exponential growth in business. With digitization people reduce their paper based work and they want to access their documents from anywhere and at any time, Document management systems are the best solution to make this. The document management system also called content management system. Without digital document management system company will have mountains of paper file and may they need a big store rooms for keep this documents.

Document management software is not a tool but it lets a user manage access, track and edit information stored. It ensures that secure documentation with controlled distribution to end user. Document management system helps company to digitize, create a structure to organize and share documents and store, manage, and track documents, data object and image electronically. Its functions has grown and tools for collaboration, security, workflow, auditing, and managing electronic documents, the document management software will give all the DMS benefits. Most of the document management software have built in search engine which provide user to quickly search their document. Hence, the user have give access privileged information.


  • Storage of various document types
  • Reduce paper and storage space
  • Set permission to specific document
  • Monitor all the operations of the system
  • Keyword search
  • Access, Edit and Sharing document even with mobile device.
  • Controls regulating when outdated documents can be deleted

The system also includes administration tools to define the roles of various users, access control, user quota, level of document security, detailed logs of activity and automation setup. Some of the document management software have a feature of make a repository of corporate information assets to which provide knowledge creation and improve business decision making, boosting work-groups and enterprise productivity through shared practices, better customer relations, faster sales cycles, improved product time-to-market, and better-informed decision making.

Number of document management system providers are in market , each type of system offers the same functionality but there are difference in how they maintaining and data is stored.

On -premises Document Management System

An on-premises Document management system which server and storage will be your own you have the full control of the system, so you need to perform your own maintenance. Typically large companies with their dedicated it demand is used this system , the full responsibility is your so it is important to keep backup. The most significant benefit of self hosting is you have the control of your server no any one else have the control. Also can access your documents without the internet connection. But maintaining your own server there is large upfront cost and extra yearly expense. Cloud DMS is the best choice for organizations that do not want to invest resources in maintaining an internal data center.

Cloud Document Management System

Computer tools that digitize documents, efficiency and profitability are achieved by decrease the use and storage of paper. It also provide access and editing of documentation with common technologies such as cloud storage. In this document management system service the document are in the providers cloud. The document can access anytime and anywhere that you have internet. Storage space and other configuration depends on the subscription plan. It provide user to a secure, central online repository of documents where user can easily search and retrieve file and share with others. Employees in office who working from external locations can securely access and share electronic files. So it allow people to independently access the information they need at any time and any where. And also in customer relationship management authorized clients can retrieve project information without the assistance of company employees.

Hybrid Document Management System

This service is the combination of both on-premise and cloud Document management system. The document management concept is useful in many fields, especially recommendable in work with a large number of digital and paper documents. A hybrid record management system allow to utilize both paper and digital formats of document files. With a hybrid system, some of documents are kept in hard-copy format while others are scanned and converted to a digital format. To store paper documents electronically also save huge amount of time when you need to access them. Integrated hybrid document management system allow to access documents from any location .

Benefits Of Document Management System For SME's

  • Cost Management : When we keep all the documents in physical files cost for maintenance and management will be high.while we manage the documents with DMS SMEs we can reduce the cost greatly.
  • Customer Service : A good document management software processes will be automating and quick which improves the relation with customers .
  • Improved Efficiency : With implementation of a document management system all the process will be computerize. So, increases efficiency because the process are more agile.
  • Access and Control : The files will be scan and physically stored on specific shelf locations on centers.
  • Web-based Solution : This will enabled authorized users can access, create, retrieval and edit their inventory from desktop.
  • Security : One major aspect is the level of security protecting the document where it is store. If we use cloud service the vendor ensures all the security.
  • User Friendliness: The tool or the interface are user-friendly even it can be access through mobile devices.
  • Integration : Integrate with third-party applications with ensuring document security and compliance with policies and regulations.
  • Price : When we use on-premises service it has a substantial up-front cost. But, in cloud service the price will vary by provider and service.
  • Storage : All the documents will be store centrally like a data center it can access when we require.
  • Version Control : It gives you the ability to manage document change and revision .
  • Advanced Search: Search document and discover information with intuitive search capacity and faster access.
  • Archival and Retrieval : Web based user interface for easy retrieval of ensures high document confidentiality and integrity.
  • Workflow : Collaborate and verify documents collected from multiple data sources. Maintain a central library for all the business process related documents.


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The document management system has slower at SME-level than in multinational enterprises and it is too expensive for SMEs. Now document management product is available in low price with most commonly use features. The number of business documents in smaller companies have fewer than at multinational enterprises. In the document management system there are variety of choices and options. So, it is important to choose the right one for your organization to make running activity smoother and more efficient. There are a number of companies that are able to bring all the solutions of document management services packages. The paperless office has been  long-time in coming.


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