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Digital Signatures in Odooo 13

Digital Signatures in Odooo 13

Anjali AjithMay 7, 2020


Digital Signature in Odoo 13 is the latest mind blowing feature. We do sign in documents for some verification, at this point of clarity signing digitally is not a big deal now a days with the advancement of technologies.

 It can be use to verify documents and other confirmations just as easier doing manual signing . There are many ways to use this facility. One can verify the some order confirmation online through mail delivery system or signatures can be uploaded from existing image files.

How to add digital signature in Odoo 13

Lets us discuss how we can add digital signatures by uploading image files.

In sales module, go to Configuration --> Settings -->Online Signature

Digital Signature in Odoo 13

    Now do a sale ,

   - Create a quotation

    -Click on the customer signature to add one .

Digital Signature in Odoo 13

-Fill the details such as Signed by and Signed on and Upload an image file

Digital Signature in Odoo 13

- confirm the quotation to make an order.

- Click on print to take a print, so as to view what we have done so far.

Digital Signature


       The document view of the order is given below.

Another method that we had talked about earlier was signing online through mail delivery system such as g mail etc.

One has to configure the outgoing and incoming emails server to send and receive emails.

Create a quotation as said above and up on saving ,you can see a tab send by email.

Click that, and provide email address of the recipient.

Digital Signature in Odoo 13

     Click on Sign & Pay Quotation. It will redirect to another     wizard..Click on Sign & Pay button to proceed further.

Digital Signature payment in Odoo 13

   There are 3 different options to sign online .

        1. You can draw the sign

        2. Auto load pre defined signs and edit their style

        3 .Load the sign from file

        1. Draw

Digital Signature draw in Odoo 13



Digital Signature in Odoo 13

  3. Load

Digital Signature Loading in Odoo 13

Digital Signature in Odoo 13 is an advanced feature to which is to begin  the future of sign which will be erased when the time passes away. But it will not be erased when it is kept  as Digital . It is promising a gateway of future storage and get access easily by the people. It is definitely proves a decisive technology that could make changes .

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