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Difference Between Cloud Hosting And Dedicated Cloud In Odoo

Difference Between Cloud Hosting And Dedicated Cloud  In Odoo

Sarin RajSept. 3, 2019

Odoo is a globally used open-source ERP with many applications and modules related to business operations, like CRM, website/e-commerce, accounting, manufacturing, warehouse, project management, inventory etc. Also user can modify the source code and use odoo as users needs. Odoo have two versions. The community free version and enterprise with some additional features and services paid version. Odoo is most popular in SMEs because of ease deployment, customization and flexibility than other ERP's. Odoo supports both cloud hosting and dedicated cloud.

Cloud Hosting

In cloud hosting we get Odoo with standard functionality and standard modules. Also we have no permission to upload our own modules or third party modules the database is hosted on odoo SA servers. Odoo online is a software as a service cloud-based platform. we could not bother about hardware, server or any infrastructure of odoo. In this type we have no technical management overhead at the same time we have no control over the environment and its security. The Odoo system stored information's like company financials, corporate trade secrets, employee information and client details so the security and confidentiality is high but this comes with greater security considerations. It is an enterprise version only we need an online subscription to use odoo instance, there no additional investment for server infrastructure. As we know that it offer greater stability and continuous updates from the vendor it results less customization.

To Start Cloud Hosting Odoo System:

  • Go to
  • Click “start Now. It’s Free”
  • Choose your apps and configure it.


Fill the form and click Start Now, use odoo cloud hosting.


We can also buy Odoo paid app from .

odoo pricing

Dedicated Cloud or

It is a platform for deploying Odoo application. It was disclose at odoo experience 2017 by Xavier Pansaers CTO of Odoo SA. In dedicated or server we have get our own odoo server. We can get access to upload third party modules and custom code also there are no python dependencies on the modules or app it automatically configured in is most appropriate for small businesses. You can use your own domain name and also can use DNS subdomains for the branches.

This system are much easier to modify so we can customize to specific needs and requirements of our organization. The organization has more control on the dedicated hosting so keep more importance to the security. It allows front-end users to implant custom addons and provide many other customization facilities. So it provide many number of features. Self hosting is it associated technical overhead, Like managing the setup keep it secure, take backup. is managed automated back up every day further the data is kept for 3 months. The service level agreement for is similar to odoo online.

Features of

  • GitHub integration for every commit, pull request, merge or fork is test.
  • Real time detailed and log available
  • Web shell access.
  • Third party module integration.
  • Manual tests.
  • Install community module to test them.
  • Deploy a staging branch to production.
  • Manage server in high availability.
  • Optimized for top maximum performance. version offer a easy setup and it uses GitHub.

To start a hosting go to https:/www/ and give login details of GitHub account.


Select a git repository or create a repository. Give details such as odoo version, subscription code, hosting location and deploy. Then we can connect

cloud hosting and dedicated cloud deployplatform

Differences :

Cloud hosting and dedicated cloud have many differences. Both of type odoo ease your business operations like monitoring, backup, email, accounting and many more. In general the cloud hosting odoo is priced under a monthly or annual subscription with additional fee for support, training and updates. In dedicated hosting odoo software is generally priced under a one time perpetual license fee and there are recurring fees for support, training and updates. Odoo online provide in setting up the mail server and manage the same with the domain name and provides a mail catcher to read these mails.

In both the versions, odoo cloud server as well as provide maximum amount of securities such as Data base security, password security, odoo staff access, system security, client communication security, secure odoo design.

cloud hosting and dedicated cloud difference-table

As we know that odoo online is saas based cloud system so it does not support any custom addons but we can integrate some third-party payment integrations. But support many custom addons, so we can test the custom modules and add them to our project. We can take clone, fork and merge to our project through our GitHub account. The server of odoo online is fully control by odoo and the is completely control by user. Also the user can choose the version of odoo where as in odoo online only support the latest stable version. Odoo always offer high database security for both odoo online and The data is store in a dedicated database. That is, no sharing of data between clients or customers and no access is possible from one database to another database.


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