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IjasJune 22, 2019

Developer mode is a mode of odoo, which is used by an odooERP developer or ERP administrator to get configuration level data or technical data related to open ERP. Developer mode used for customising Odoo, So for doing that you must first activate the developer mode. Once you activated and entered in this mode, Odoo will provide you with a lot more on-screen information as you navigate through the interface. By using this mode it allows the user to make changes to the database and after that, the user can store this information in a file.


To activate developer mode, click on the Settings menu:


Activate developer mode

On the far right, you will see a panel that contains information about the Odoo installation. At the bottom of the panel, you will see the link to Activate the developer mode:

link to Activate the developer mode

When this screen opens, the user can click on the link 'Activate the Developer mode' to begin customizing Odoo.
After that Odoo automatically recognises that the user is in developer mode. It is possible by adding ?debug=# to the URL in your web browser. Additionally, after enabling it Odoo will start to give much more information about the fields in the interface when we hover over them.

For example, when viewing a purchase order record while in developer mode, the user can move the cursor over the Order Date field to reveal details about how that field represented internally in Odoo, it is shown in the following screenshot:

Purchase order record while in developer mode.

The preceding screenshot demonstrates how Odoo displays information while you are in developer mode. In this example, we can see that the Order Date field named date_order and that the field belongs to the purchases. This type of information will be of great value as you continue to customize Odoo.


  • Debug mode (most of the time used by Administrator)

With this mode you can enable some advance features/options in odoo. So if you open odoo with debug mode you will see some extra menus, extra fields to more advance configuration.

  • Debug with assets mode (most of the time used by developers)

It enables all features from normal debug plus some extra. Odoo internally use assets bundles to improve performance which internal merge+minifies all static assets like css and JavaScript. So debug with assets will use actual css and javascript files instead of minifying/merging css and js files. This mode will reduce performance. But it will give you proper error message in console if you are doing some JavaScript changes in odoo.

Let's us have a look into the video:




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