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Defeat Your Online Competitors via Odoo Ecommerce

Defeat Your Online Competitors

Muhammed AliMay 19, 2019

Today the Ecommerce has grown into an undeniable choice among the shopper community. An Ecommerce website acts as the online facet for a business company. Online businesses are also updating themselves continuously in order to stay relevant and compete with newer business models in the market, so the business owners want to build a large online shop than a website. They want efficient modules that can be integrated with customer management and ERP systems. With the advent of E-commerce sites,a large amount of population is choosing online shopping more than the traditional shopping.

Defeat Your Online Competitors via Odoo Ecommerce Development

Odoo Ecommerce is a powerful E-commerce module capable of managing all your requirements. Its basic advantage comes from its compatibility with a bunch of useful business apps. About 2 million users are running their business with Odoo and around 5000 inbuilt modules are ready to use. It is also very user friendly and easy to customize. It has distinct features and versions that are profitable for the business. Odoo Ecommerce Development is really an exciting area of online shopping. Odoo provides easiest ways to sell online and makes it very simple to create and manage online stores. The biggest advantage of Odoo eCommerce is that it is super-flexible. The following are some of the important features to choose Odoo as your business partner.

  • Awesome Product pages

In Odoo Ecommerce Development, you can create awesome product pages with drag and drop option. This will definitely increase the quality of the page and branding of your company.

By the customization of the product page,you can emphasize your best products on your storefront. You can also customize the color, layout, font of your theme and looks of your E-commerce page. So, you can sell your products online in a beautiful and attractive storefront.

  • Manage Products and Inventory

In an E-commerce store,need to add new products and delete the outdated product is a constant process. Odoo Ecommerce allows you to import and manage all your products in a single location. It also allows to create banners, add images, create product pages and slides etc. Moreover, it provides an effortless editing and designing feature to E-commerce stores. It merges and integrates the information throughout the system.

You can add product accessories or recommended products to suggest automatically to your clients. Also,it can show alternatives to the products and hence increase exposure for all your commodities. This will give a best online shopping experience to customers.

  • Sales Management and Analysis

In Odoo Ecommerce Development, you can easily design and adjust your pricing strategy with a few clicks.Calculate the right prices using price list rules and implement them to maximize your overall revenue.The software will also enable you to create discounts and coupons quickly to attract your customer's attention.

With Odoo's amazing and advanced data visualization & discovery reports, you can highlight the best product in terms of quantity sold, find the best customer in terms of revenue and display a graph with your monthly sales per product and add it to your dashboard of online sales.

  • Speed up Your Shipment

This feature helps to speed up your shipment process and track your packages. You can choose multiple rates from shipping carriers and print shipping labels easily within the app and also you can integrate some of the famous shipping providers like UPS, DHL, USPS and FedEx.

  • Multiple Payment Methods

You can pay for the items in your shopping cart using payment methods like Wire Transfer or directly famous payment gateways like PayPal, Ayden, Buckaroo, Ogone or If you want to get your online store setup in minutes, use PayPal to accept credit card payments. When you hit a high payment volume, you can easily upgrade to another payment gateway like or Ogone.

  • Stay Closer With Your Shoppers

With Odoo's customer portal feature,your shoppers can track of which orders have been paid for, shipped or delivered. Provide your shoppers with a complete 24/7 access to up-to-date information through a dedicated customer portal where they can track their orders, download their invoice or delivery order and manage their return and claims. No need to navigate across multiple documents, everything is centralized in one place.

  • Search Engine Optimized

This feature of Odoo E-commerce helps potential customers to find your store using search engines with help of dedicated keywords.

  • Low Cost Implementation

Comparing to other software's, Odoo has a low cost of implementation. The reason behind this is the free licensing of Odoo. The community version of Odoo has no licensing fees. It does not required payment of any licensing fees. It allows you to invest in customization and implementation only. Some ERPs make delays in reporting and stretch it to weeks or months. Odoo makes up to date reports. Delay in reporting tempts to spend more money by the companies. This cost can be avoided through this Eco-friendly feature of Odoo. In short, Odoo Ecommerce Development is cost effective.

  • Multiple Versions to Choose

Other ERP software allows you only either premise hosting or cloud hosting. Odoo,gives you both the options and you can choose the best option for your E-commerce store. It also allows you to choose from various versions of Odoo such as community version and enterprise version.

The community version of Odoo is useful for small scale businesses. The enterprise version of Odoo has all features and it is affordable also and uses by all businesses such as small, middle and large scale businesses.

  • Making Your Business More Profitable

The combination of Odoo with E-commerce make your business more profitable as it analyzes correct sales and inventory level. With the help of Odoo, you can smoothly maintain sales and inventory via reporting and automatic stock adjustments. It keeps the customer data in an organized manner with order tracking and claims. It allows the store owners to put add-on connectors in order to manage shipping services.

By using Odoo Ecommerce you will have faster return in investment on your E-commerce business. You can use SaaS-based or cloud-based Odoo services to lessen your cost. Businesses use different Odoo models to automate their business process in order to generate better revenues.

You can use Odoo even when you are traveling because of its cloud-based solution. You can access the Ecommerce store from anywhere at any time. All you have to do is log in with your id and password and manage your Ecommerce website. Odoo is beneficial for you as it facilitates the effective management of your online store. It will provide you 24×7 accesses to your Ecommerce store so that you can manage it in a better way. Thus, generate great revenue for your business. If you want to defeat your competitors in the Ecommerce business world, then Odoo is the better option. Technaureus create stunning product pages, design streamlined landing pages, optimize site speed, take care of digital marketing and SEO, integrate with shipping and payment gateways,


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