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Creating Events With Odoo 16

Creating Events with Odoo 16

Sana KrishnaNov. 2, 2022

Odoo 16 Event module provides a flexible platform to manage various types of events in a systematized manner. Event modules help us to take forward seminars, webinars, festivals, workshops, sponsored programs, charity events, and many more without any issues. The event module allows us to schedule a suitable date for our events and sell tickets online.

Creating Events

In the event module dashboard interface, we can see all the events configured in the module. The Kanban view interface displays various stages of events.

We can create a new stage for events simply by clicking the ‘Add a column’ button, clicking the button will help to add a new stage for the events configured on this platform.

To add new events under a stage we can click the ‘+’ button at the top of the particular stage. The settings icon on each stage will help us to fold the stage in Kanban view, Edit, Delete, Archive, and Unarchive. The interface can be viewed in Kanban, Calendar, List, Pivot, and Graphical views.
The event in the Kanban view will show the title of the events, date, time, and location along with the expected number of attendees.

To schedule activity, the clock icon in the event can be used. For sorting, we will get the filters and Group By option on the screen. We can create a new event by clicking the ‘Create’ button. A new feature of Odoo event module is on the right side we can see the Map view.

In the new event creation interface, we can give the event name in the field. We can see the Website submenu, Booth Register, Showcase Tracks, allow track proposals, Extra Register Button, Showcase Exhibitors, and community options to activate. This feature will visible when the module is in debug mode.

Also, there are fields starting date & ending date, Time zone, Event Template, Organizer, Responsible, Website, Venue, Exhibition Map, Limit Registrations, Auto confirmation, and Tags.

We can add tickets for the events using the ‘Add a Line’ button. The event ticket is configured in the product configuration interface of the Sales module.

In the setting menu, we can see the Tickets and Online Ticketing choices to trigger. By triggering these options, we can put on sale tickets with sales orders and sell tickets on your website accordingly.

The communication tab is used to mention email or SMS templates to communicate with attendees.


The Question tab is used to add questions for the attendees while registering online. To see this option in the event creation interface we need to enable the question option under the setting module.


To add questions, click on the ‘Add a Line’ button. You can see a popup interface.

Now we can create or add notes and can create a plan of action for the event.

Can use the invite button visible in the form view to invite new participants to the event.

We can create and send new marketing emails/SMS from this interface.

To publish the event on your website, click the ‘go to website’ button

Change the ‘Unpublished’ status to ‘Published’ to publish this event on our website. After publishing the event on the website. By clicking the ‘Register’ button, attendees will able to register for the event

The smart tab in the interface will show some advanced options.


The attendee's button will show the list of attendees registered for the event

In the settings menu, we will get the Schedule and Tracks, Community Chat Rooms, Online Exhibitors, and Booth Management choices.

Event Tracks

When we are creating an event, we try to include various types of talks and activities about the topic of the event to make it more elegant. After activating the choice in settings, we will get the corresponding fields in our Event creation interface to enable.


After activating these choices, the website view of the event will show the schedule of the event which involve talks, workshop, and other similar activities. we can also see Talk Proposals using which a person can send a proposal for a talk for the event.

If we want to present a project report on an event, we can send a talk proposal from the website page of that particular event. We will get a form to fill out on the website. There will be a talk introduction field and you can define there what we are talking about. We can also able to mention our additional email/phone number to contact you by activating the ‘Contact me through a different email/phone. After filling in all fields we can click the ‘submit’ button.

All submitted proposals can be managed from the Track menu in the event module. This will be seen only after activating the schedule and track choice in settings.

We can create a new event track by clicking the ‘Create’ button.

The details about the speaker of the talk can be specified under the Speaker tab. We can mention Contact details, Name, Email, Phone, Job position, Company name, and Biography of the speaker. We can also add an image of the speaker.

Under the description tab, we can add a brief description.

Interactivity tab, you will get an option magic button to activate which will display a call-to-Action button to your attendees while they watch your track. By activating this option, you will be able to get a new field to mention the Button Title and button target URL. You may state the time when the button must appear after the track starts. After completing all fields, click the ‘save’ button.

We can share a quiz with the attendees once the track is over by enabling the Event Gamification option from the setting menu.

After activating this choice, we will get the ‘Add Quiz’ option on the track creation interface.

By clicking ‘Add quiz’ button we will get a new interface to specify the questions. Here we can fill the fields and also, we can activate the Allow multiple tries for the attendees to reset the quiz and try again. By ‘Add a line’ choice we can add questions to the quiz. After adding questions, we can save them by clicking the button.

Click on the ‘Go to website’ button to publish this track on our website.


Change the unpublished to published to the public the track.

The participants of the event can click on the “Take the quiz” after attending the track.

The Wishlist button on the smart tab will show the list of visitors who had add this track to their favorite list.


The Events module has different options to configure under the Configuration menu. These options will help you to enhance the performance of the module. According to your demand, you can set up these options, and using the event module helps to streamline the event management activities.

Event Templates

The Event templates choice under the Configuration menu will help us to configure event templates suitable for your events. We can create a new template using the create button.

Event Stages

We can add a variety of stages for events according to the actions taken on them. We can create and manage event stages under the configuration menu of the Events module.

Event tags Categories

The event tags categories choice under the configuration menu can be used to specify different categories for the event tags.

Lead Generation

We can configure rules for a lead generation under the configure menu of the module.

Booth Categories

At the event conducting time, companies will promote their products and services by rending outside a booth.

Track Stages

The track stage menu helps us to create and manage different stages of the tracks created in the Events module.

Track stages can be created by clicking the’ create’ button. In that interface, there will be a stage name, email template, visible in the agenda, fully accessible, canceled stage, folded in Kanban, color.

Track Locations

Locations given when creating the events/tracks in the Events module in Odoo will be recorded in Event Locations.

Track Tag Categories

We will be able to create the categories for track tags. The Track Tag Categories interface will be able to be accessed from the Configuration menu of the module.

Track Tag

We can create or manage the tags for tracks created in Odoo Event module in the Track Tags option in the Configuration menu.

This feature will help us to create new tags.

Track Visitors

The details of the visitors that are published on the website will be recorded in the tracks visitor’s choice.

Sponsor Levels
There are different levels for sponsors of the events.

Event Quizzes

All the quizzes created will be recorded in this event quizzes interface.

Website Menu

Records of all the configured website menu will be shown in Website Menu choice

Register for Events

All the published events will be listed under the events menu in Odoo Website. We can take the past or upcoming events form the Upcoming tab. There are tabs like Activity, Type, and Age we can categories the event using these tabs.

When we click on any created event it will go to an introduction page there will be a register button, we can click on the ‘Register’ button it will show a Ticket interface. Available kinds of tickets will be shown in this page from there we can choose the required ticket and the quantity. And we can click on the ‘Register’ button. There we can see the date & time, Location, and organizer.

After clicking on the ‘Register’ button a popup will appear. we can see a form in there. The field shown in the form will be based on the selection of tickets. There we can fill in the Applicant Name, Email, and Phone number. After filling the field, we can click the ‘Continue’ button.

After clicking on the ‘Continue’ button it will go to a new interface of billing there, we can see the Confirm Order button and return to cart button. To confirm the order e can click on the ‘Confirm’ button.

In the events form, you can see a button "Attendees" by clicking this it will redirect to the attendees list.


All the attendees of the event can be seen in the attendees list view along with their details, registration date and the status etc.


Reporting will help to create a dynamic report in the events created in the module and attendees participated in the events

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