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Creating Appointments with Odoo 16 Appointment Module

Creating Appointments

Sana KrishnaNov. 14, 2022

Appointment management is necessary for all business firms. Appointments are commonly examined as ‘hard to manage' for a large system. Appointments start from employee appointments to primary client appointments.

To generate leads for the firm, proper maintenance and management of appointments should be done. A powerful schedule and planning of appointments are essential for the easy running of the business firm.

For user convenience and easy date management, Odoo has integrated Appointment with the Calendar Module.

Calendar module

We can install the Calendar module from the App. when we click the ‘Calendar’ module, it will show all the scheduled meetings in a calendar format. There we can see the date and time of the scheduled meeting. From that dashboard interface, we can choose any date and schedules of the date will appear on the interface.

Creating Appointments

By using Odoo's Calendar module, it is easy to create appointments and meetings in Odoo. One can easily create appointments from the calendar module interface. A new popup will be triggered while clicking on the date and time and then we can click on the ‘create’ button to add the details. Like that the meeting schedule will be added to the calendar. From the sidebar, we can add the appointments which will be attending the meeting. On the right side of the interface, a list of the attendees will be shown. By clicking on the checkbox, we can filter the attendees who will be attending. We can also appoint the responsible person for the meeting/appointment.

We can create Online appointments using the calendar module. The created appointments can be viewed by clicking the ‘online appointment’ tab. Click the ‘Create’ button to create new online Appointments. there will be fields like Appointments, Appointment Duration, and Schedule Appointments. if we need to cancel an appointment, we can enter there how many hours before we must cancel the appointment. There will be a slot section where we must add the time and date slot for scheduling an appointment.

We can create new Appointments on this interface. There will be an Appointment title field where we can give the title, then the duration field will be there, and schedule time also can give there in the scheduling field. we can give the cancellation time also in Allow cancellation field.

In the Availability tab we can give the availability in the options tab we can give the time zone and location also the remainder and we can give the cc.

We can add questions in the questions field and a popup will come when we click the ’Add line’ field.

We can give the question, question type, placeholder, and required Answer then we can save and close or we can discard. There is a messages tab we can add the messages.

Scheduling the Appointment

We can also create appointments from the Online Appointments page in ‘Calendar’ module

There will be ‘Appointment’ Button on the right side, click on the button.

We can schedule new Appointments by clicking the ‘Appointment’ button and you will be redirected to a pivot view of appointments.

On the top left side of this interface there we can change it to the calendar view, by clicking the ‘calendar’ icon. Click on the date we want and the configuration tab will open up.

We can give the meeting subject on the popup and click the ‘create’ button, The created meeting will show on the calendar.


When we click on the created meeting then we can configure the meeting details. The details will be saved in that popup we can edit or delete the details by clicking the button.

If we go to the online Appointment page, we can see an Appointment is recorded.

There is a preview button available in the form when we click, we can see the preview of the appointment.

We can publish the Appointment by clicking the ‘Go to website tab’.

To Publish our Appointment, click on the ‘publish’ button.

Booking Appointments

Odoo website has a menu for appointments.

This menu will redirect to a new page where all published appointments are shown.


If you have selected a single user in the appointment form you will be redirected directly to the date & time schedule page of the appointment.

Here we can choose a convenient date and time and then we can proceed

If you have selected multiple users in the appointment form you will be redirected to a user selection page before redirecting to the date and time schedule page of the appointment. Click on ‘choose’ button and it will redirect to the date and time schedule page of the appointment.

Now we can add the details for the appointment and confirm it.

Then we can see an interface of the appointment is confirmed. Also, you can Cancel/Reschedule the confirmed appointment using the cancel/Reschedule button.


Here you can reschedule the appointment and confirm it again.

Once it is rescheduled the same will get updated in the appointment calendar.


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