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Creating a Survey with Odoo 16 Survey Module

Survey Module

Sana KrishnaOct. 28, 2022

The New Features in The Odoo 16 Survey Module

A survey module can collect customer feedback, figure out the success of an event, determine how pleased the customers are with your products and services, understand whether employees are happy and satisfied with their working space, and check what your market thinks.

The survey module's new features are listed below.

New Interface in the Survey Module

A new interface has been introduced in Odoo 16 survey module.

New Menu added to the Interface

A new menu Question & Answer was added with a dropdown. Questions, Suggested Values, Detailed Answers.

Creating Your Survey with Odoo 16

To create a new survey, click the create button from the home dashboard. When creating a new survey, we should give a Title field.

While creating the survey will also upload images for the survey in the specified field. And also, can specify an employee who is in charge of this particular survey

After adding the survey title, image, and responsible field, now we should add questions and sections for the survey in the questions tab.

Creating Questions and Sections


While clicking on the Add a Question option you will get a popup window as shown above. Here you can specify the question along with the question type. According to the question type you can select the answering pattern that will change. On the Sections and Question form, Once the type of the question is chosen and the answer added, under the options tab, enable mandatory answer and set an error message when the user tries to submit the survey without answering the respective question. For the multiple-choice question type, you can specify the choices under the answer tab. Similarly, you can select Single Line Text Box, Numerical value, Date, Datetime, Multiple choice, and matrix as question types of your survey. Under the Description tab, you can add instructions about the questions. In the Options tab, we will get various options to define. tab.

Under the description tab you can add instructions about the questions.

If the question requires a mandatory answer, you can activate the Mandatory Answer field. If the respondent doesn’t answer this question, an error message will send. If the Conditional Display option is activated, this question will be displayed only if the specified conditional answer has been selected in a previous question. By activating this option, you will get the Triggering Questions field where you can mention the question containing the triggering answer and display the current question.

In the send message tab, you can add a message which will show after the respondent completes the survey.After mentioning a question, you can click on the Save & Close button to add the question to your survey. You will get the Description tab in the survey creation window also where you can specify the instruction for the survey.

Test and share the survey

After creating the survey, we will get the Share, Create Live Session, Test, Print, and Close buttons on the screen.

Start survey

Click on the ‘Start Survey’ button to start testing the survey. You

You can check the accuracy of each question by testing the Survey.After completing the survey, click on the submit button

The window will show the Retry option to attempt the survey again and again and an option to review your answer. After completing testing, you can share the survey using the share button


Survey Analysis

The survey is a great way to gain feedback from customers and employees, but you can’t get any feedback if you don’t at the answers fortunately Odoo offers a variety of ways to examine and analyse every aspect of data that these surveys produce.

Select the company vendor certification, so we can see there’s some certification and some answers as indicated by the smart buttons.

After clicking the answer smart button and check that out. There we can find all the submitted answers for this survey along with some vital information


After clicking the first one we can notice some standard information at the top things like the name of the survey when it was created, what attempt this was, and also the personalized identification token as well and then next to that you’re also going to have some more information about the participant of the survey. So, we can see their name, email, if this is a test entry or not, the score as well as the checkbox indicating if they passed or not. Also, we can see the deadline for the survey.

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