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Configure Working Hours In Odoo

Configure Working Hours In Odoo

Muhammed NabeelOct. 20, 2018

Working schedule is one of the basic discipline in any structured organization. Whether the organization is small or big, traditional retailer or corporate, working hours is one of the main key points in their rules or policies of the company. This is very important because there are lot of activities, decisions, planning based on this.

 HR management in odoo

Whether the organization belongs to any industry, human resource is one of the vital resource in all industry. In order to make discipline or providing additional benefits like overtime etc, working hours to be on place and followed. Now there are lot of HRMS software to manage the attendance, sign in and sign out of the employees. All the attendance management system are working on this working schedule concept. Let's see how we can configure working hours in Odoo.

For that firstly, go to:

Employees > Configuration > Settings > Work Organisation:

In work organization we can see the Company Working Hours, We can change it by clicking on it.

Work Organisation

By on clicking, we get a new window to edit the working hours as:

edit the working hours

If you are production company, you cannot ignore this. All your production plans will done based on employee's working schedule. So you can find this working hours is one of the basic feature in production management software or manufacturing software. If you are production company and using production management ERP, let's say Odoo, then you can configure in another way as well.

Go to Manufacturing > Configuration > Resources > Working Time:

(But this can be possible only in developer mode)

another way

By clicking on the create button we can create a new working time or we can edit the already existing working hours

Change working hours We might be feeling that is pretty simple concept. But this is one of key concept for human resource ERP, production management ERP, project management ERP etc. We believe that you understood the concept of Working Hours In Odoo.

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