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Configuration of discount in sale order lines in Odoo13

Configuration of discount in sale order

ajay krishnaMarch 27, 2020

Odoo 13 Configuration of discount in sale order lines

As we know offering discounts on sales is a catchy way to get customers. If you provide a good discount on sales you'll most probably get his attention. Likewise, In Odoo 13 we can offer discounts at the same time of sale order creation. By this option we can easily apply discounts in percentage on the product and the customer can see that. Odoo13 Sales Order Discount process includes

First we need to enable the Discount on lines feature.



Activate the Discounts-> option and Save->

Go to Menu->Sales->Orders->Sales Orders->

Odoo13 Sales Order Discount

Select Create-> to create a new sales order.

Odoo13 Sales Order Discount

Enter the order details and select the Product.We can see a Discount field in the Order Lines. So we can apply percentage of discount here. Now that field contain 0% of discount that means no discount apply for that product.The amount is 166.46 $ for 10 quantities.

Applying 10% of discount for the same product then we can see,

Odoo13 Sales Order Discount

After applying 10% of discount,the total amount  reduce to 146.88 $.

Odoo13 Sales Order Discount make the clients easy to purchase them at a discount rate .To implement these discount a best configuration method should be choose.Otherwise it will be too complicate .Discount is an important thing to increase the business.People go after discount whether it is a small amount also.So the people reach a place where there is discount in sales and the sales will get a boom.The Discount are given only after looking the Product Margin and Order Margin.If there is a surplus or a dividend which is with margin there will be a discount in Sales orders. As a part of Sales coupon and promotion in Odoo 13 the discount takes an interest. There is a way to increase the sales with odoo CRM software is providing discount.



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