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Sarin RajMay 31, 2019

Content delivery network is a distributed servers that provide web services and web content to users where they are geographically far away from the original server. This service will speed up the delivery of contents of websites with high traffic and website of global reach. The geographically closer CDN servers to user have faster content delivery, also a properly configured CDN may protect website from some common attacks. The fail over provides uninterrupted service of if one or more CDN sever goes to down, it will redistribute the web traffic.

How it work

The cdn server which copies the pages of a website of a server that are dispersed at geographically different locations, it caching the content of that page. When a user requests that page, the CDN will redirect the request from the originating server to a server in the cdn that is near to the user and deliver the cached content. CDN can also speed up TLS/SSL certified sites by optimizing connection reuse and enabling TLS false start.

The CDN does not have a host content that is it is not a web host, which only carry the cache content of the site. The CDN have many other benefits like,

1 . Accelerate site load time - The CDN will improving website load times, which the closer CDN will deliver web content to the website visitors. The visitors have an experience of faster page loading. A cdn can reduce bounce rates and increase more visitors to visit the site.

2 . Reduce bandwidth consumption cost - The CDN which stores cache contents so which optimize the bandwidth consumption.

3 . Increase content availability - From higher taffic there will chance to lost content availability, CDN handle more traffic and reduce hardware failures.

4 . provide website security - By a proper configuration CDN will protect web site from some common attack

CDN integration on Odoo

The CDN is accelerating and decrease loading time of Odoo website by providing staic resource from the nearest CDN server. When activate the pull zone, the KeyCDN will automatically fetch all the static resources from odoo website. From this it store cache of the resources. These cache is used when load static resource through the URL given by CDN providers.

Odoo is an open source ERP and CRM business application. The CDN integration will improve the performance of Odoo significantly for your customers. Static assets will be loaded from KeyCDN.

Step 1 : Create a pull zone

Login to KeyCDN dash board, Create a new zone from Zones menu Add new zone.

1 . Choose a zone name

2 . Select Zone type

3 . Define your origin URL

4 . Enable Show Advanced Features set SSL to Shared click save

also enable CORS menu, while your website use custom fonts

Create a pull zone

5 . Wait until the Zone will active.

Activing zone

Step 2 : Configure Odoo instance with zone

Activate developer mode and Go to the web site settings menu, enable CDN and set the CDN Base URL and CDN filters.

Configure Odoo instance with zone

And save the changes.

Step 3 : Verify the HTML source code of your Odoo instance in order to check if the CDN integration is properly working.

Verifying the HTML source code


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