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Benefits Of Article Submission in Digital Marketing

Benefits Of Article Submission in Digital Marketing

Abhishek M.SAug. 11, 2019

Article submission is one of the significant off page seo strategy. It is nothing but writing article that is relevant to the business or service. There are many seo strategy but among that article submission is the most successful one. Article submission is the one of the best way to increase the audience traffic to the website. A single article submission can give you a wide reach. The main objective of article submission is to get more visitors to the site. Your online visibility can be improved by writing article which are related to the service and business and submit them on article directories.

Benifits of article submission in digital marketing.

When you submit your article in good article directory it will reach to many users. You will get a large exposure to millions of users. When these users come across by your article they will surely lead to your site through the link. So you will get a better online visibility.

If you provide good quality article to the users,then they will encouraged to visit your site. It will provide you a better growth. Article submission is natural link building strategy. Google and other search engines will evaluate the quality of links that we are providing. So by providing proper link to the website we can improve the search engine ranking. It is also a kind of back link generation . Good quality back links lead you to the higher position in the search engine results. By providing back links in your article you are creating a gateway for the users which lead to your website. So through this we are generating a audience traffic at our site. You should ensure that the article contain required keywords and good quality content. Then only you can generate a audience traffic. And also ensure that your article will reach to right targeted audience. Some of the most commonly used sites are Medium, Growth Hackers, Linked In, Hub Pages etc..

Some of the benefits of article submission are listed below.

  • Free advertising

By including links in the article submitted you can direct to your site. Most of the article directories gives you a opportunity for free advertising by article submission. You can advertise your product indirectly by including links to your site in the article.

  • Increased traffic to your website

As you are providing back links in your article,You are creating a door way for the readers to your site through a click. It will increase the traffic to your site.

  • Large exposure

You will be getting large exposure to millions of readers through this content submission. By submitting your article on good article directory it will reach to more readers. It will provide your brand a good exposure.

  • Reach new customer

Through article submission you will be getting a chance to reach to new customers. Article submission helps you to connect through the clients all over the world.

  • Creating Social Presence

Through the article submission, we create social presence in-front of various platforms, through that into various people, in various industry.

  • Sharing knowledge

Opportunity to share our knowledge for the world.

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