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Barcode Nomenclatures In Odoo


Muhammed NizarudheenOct. 24, 2018

Odoo is a comprehensive suite of business applications. Odoo supports Barcode Nomenclatures, such as barcode scanning & parsing. Barcode determines the mapping and interpretation of the encoded information or data. The information from barcodes is decoded either via scanning them using a laser or via camera-based systems.

You can set barcode nomenclature from the module >Point Of Sale >PosBox / Hardware Proxy >Barcode Scanner

set barcode nomenclature from the Point Of Sale module Barcodes Nomenclatures are rules which are used to create a barcode.

By using Barcodes Nomenclatures, create a barcodeHere we should specify the rule name. Then you can specify the type of the barcode nomenclature. I have given here Unit product as the type. Barcode pattern represents the structure of barcode. The user can design the pattern. EAN-13 represents the ending of the barcode.

specify the rule name and type of the barcode nomenclatureIn Odoo, usage of barcode is in following areas:

For an event

Online registration for an event can use barcode. When a person registers for an event, an email with a barcode will be sent. This barcode will use at the entrance as the ticket(entry pass) for the event.

Go to >Events >settings >Attendance >Barcode

Barcode For an event



At the POS we can use barcode for finding the cost of the product, manufacturing details of the product, performing some predefined operation, validating, editing etc… by simply scanning the barcode. This makes the process at POS faster. This helps to manage a large number of customers with a small time.

If you scan a product at POS, the product will add to the list for billing.

Barcode For MRP

For stock

The barcode helps in managing the stock at the warehouse, bill of material at manufacturing, shipment of a product, receiving a product etc…When a product arrives, we can scan the barcode of the product to get the details of the product. The barcode on the bill is need to be scan to find the shipment details.

Go to >inventory >Configuration >Settings >Operations >Barcode Scanner

Barcode For STOCK

Odoo barcode nomenclatures helps to use different barcode patterns for different purpose like for product we can use one pattern, for employees swiping card another pattern, for pos users another pattern etc.


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