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Abandoned Carts In Odoo E-commerce


Muhammed NizarudheenNov. 30, 2018

Abandoned carts are the carts in which customer left without doing the checkout. While doing purchase on E-commerce, the customer may move to some other activities and might have forgotten to do the checkout process.

In E-commerce, more than 50% of the carts are left abandoned. In this case, we are losing sales with that customer. So, for bringing back those customers to continue purchase we will send a mail reminding the customer to come back and continue the purchase. The process is known as abandoned carts recovery.

We can also preserve the carts waiting for the customers. It is important to remind the customer to re-continue the purchase in Odoo E-commerce also. Set an email template for Abandoned Carts In Odoo E-commerce.

For setting email template for abandoned carts in Odoo E-commerce,

Go to >Website module  >settings  >Orders >Email for Abandoned Carts.

Here we can also set time taken to consider a cart as an abandoned cart.

Setting email template for Abandoned Carts In Odoo Ecommerce

Here you can edit the cart recovery email and also the related settings.

Edit option for the cart recovery email

You can select >Abandoned carts recovery from the website dashboard to get the list of abandoned carts

Selecting the Abandoned carts recovery to get the list of abandoned carts

There is an option to select the abandoned carts from the list to get the details.

 select the abandoned carts

You can select >Send a Recovery Email and then click >Sent, to send a recovery email.

Recovery Email Option

This feature is one of the important feature in any E-commerce, this helps to bring back the customer to your E-commerce portal. This is kind of customer followup. Odoo E-commerce provides numerous features for E-commerce with strong back-end ERP. Only thing you need to do is identify the right partner for your implementation.

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