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Sreepriya M MApril 25, 2019

logo design branding

Branding is essential to stand out in terms of the product/service of other companies of similar nature in the market. Having a strong brand identity increases the value of the product.  Designing a Logo is not at all a simple task. It is one of the important design task especially doing a design project for a company. Why because it is the mixture of lines, colours and innovative figures for the firms united designs and the adds. As we know a Logo plays a major role in business. A logo will be first impression and one that knock consumers brand perceptions, taste, purchasing conclusion and the attitude of buyers towards each and every product. Only an experienced branding service provider can design an awesome logo for you.

Here, are some of tips which commonly used by Logo designers for creating Logos attractive and catchy.


logo design branding

It is very important to ensure that designers are having some awareness of brand before setting Logo design . Because, for definitely Logo will reach to 2 major kind of people called TARGET MARKET and TARGET CUSTOMERS. So, jot downing the kind of business, brand and market is little bit important. Finding about brand ideology as well as brand personality will be better. Face of the brand in the sense is it a softer brand or tough brand, how it is playing a key role in between market and customers etc.., all these data will be very helpful to create Logo design.


logo design branding

Another important one that usually advising by Logo designers is creating Logo in very simple manner. Creating a Logo design in simple in the sense there should be using of one or two colours, fonts,elements and lines. Making a Logo very simple helps to get the message by customers immediately at the first glance of logo. On the other hand, if we are using more than two colours, fonts, or complex shapes of Logo , it will make confusions to the customers and it will send mixed signal to the viewers.

A simple Logo will remain like as memorable design. If we are taking examples of business like Nike, Pepsi, Apple, Samsung.. so simply their Logos are with one or two element, shape, colour, etc. Avoiding the complex of colours, figures, elements, fonts, and making the Logo very simple will catch the attention of customers.


logo design branding

While launching a new Logo to the public it is common that having a anxiety to know how customers are giving reply about the new Logo . It will be better to make a demo of launching Logo. Approaching a test group with particular kind of customers and showing them about varieties of Logo designs and let them evaluate and draft a feedback. According to the response ,producers can launch designed Logo in the market.


logo design branding

It is true that all colours in the world are having meaning. While creating a Logo design it is highly important to use colours in simple way. Moreover, colours keeps big role in determining the brand messages. The Red colour be like being aggressive, passionate and energetic. If the main colour of Logo is Red, it indicates that the brand is aims to target young customers. If it is blue, the main colour it will elicit the feeling of intelligence and togetherness. This is why social media page like Facebook is in Blue colour.


logo design branding

Logo that has company's name as a main feature could be the best Logo idea ever. In fact, such a Logo is known as Logotype. Logos of RayBan, IBM and Coco cola are some of examples. The major feature of this type is that company name will be visible to the customers immediately . It will help to regulate the spending time to generate publishing about the Brand.

To be a greater extend, a logo can determine the image or reputation of an organisation. So, while choosing a branding service provider for your company logo creation it's important to be wise. Only an experienced branding partner can design an astounding identity for you. Branding has become a very fashionable word today.  Technaureus, a leading branding service provider in Calicut, can reach your company identity to the top by your amazing logo. If you are in search of an efficient logo designer or branding Calicut services, feel free to contact with our core team.

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