Why PostgreSQL For Odoo?
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PostgreSQL or also called postgres, is a general purpose object-relational database server with open source user license. Developed over 15 years by a vibrant and independent open source community and is considered to be most reliable databases with extensive focus on reliability and correctness.

Postgres is the first database management system that implements Multi Version Concurrency control (MVCC)  even before oracle. It is the most advanced database system and highly recommended database particularly for those organization that prefer to use freeware and open source software like odoo.


  • Inventor – Michael Stonebarker.
  • Postgres is a more advanced version of another database system ‘Ingres’ which is developed between 1997 to 1985.
  • It took stonebarker and his colleagues, eight years to completely develop the postgres database system.
  • Andrew Yu and Jolly Chen further improved the database by replacing POSTQUEL query language with SQL and named as postgres95 and these entered the software industry for the first time and become widely used open source database servers.

If we want a small website or application with a database backend, usually mySQL will be the option. But for an enterprise DBMS, postgres is better. PostgreSQL have several advantages over other database system.


1. Open source

It is open source and can customize according to our requirements whenever we want. These  customization capability is highly useful in large scale application.

2. Cost Effective

Highly cost effective and not much user training is need to learn and program for these database. Also maintenance and tuning requirements are negligible as compared to others.

3. Large developer community

PostgreSQL has been in the market for more than 15 years and its developer community has grown enormously at this time. The large developer community means good support and help for solving problems related to the database.

4. Portable

It is portable with almost all platforms and programming languages. So, the database is ideal for application targeting multiple platforms

5. Developers tool and GUI

Many tools and GUI interfaces have been evolved which helps easy installation and management of database server. It does not need extensive command line configuration

6.  Extensible.

Postgres is designed to be extensible. That is you can define your own  data types, Index type Functional language etc.

7. Reliability and Stability

Unlike other database systems the chances of database crashing are minimal and even if database crashes there are ways and features by which you can restore and recover data. It is the most stable and reliable database.


Out of the box odoo doesn’t works with MySQL. As of now, Odoo doesn’t provide any support for MySQL database. But we can achieve this by making some changes in the code/architecture. There are few third party connector and OCA module to connect with MySQL database. ‘External database source – MySQL’, which is a free module available on odoo app store allows you to define connection to foreign databases using ODBC, Firebird, Oracle Cient, or SQLAlchemy.

For any doubts regarding PostgreSQL For Odoo will be cleared here.

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