Receipt&Payment Voucher Print Report In Odoo

Receipt&Payment Voucher Print Report In Odoo

In Odoo, we have option of payment such as Customer and Vendor payment. But we don’t have option to provide voucher prints for this. Now Technaureus developed new app which provides the users to print both receipt voucher and payment voucher. And in the same print out, we have both copies such as Customer/Vendor copy and Office copy. This app helps in all industry as it is part of daily operations.

Currency configuration


Format of Report

  1. Payment Voucher



2. Receipt Voucher


voucher Report Features

  • Company detailed address with logo
  • Invoice number and invoice date
  • Total amount in numbers with currency symbol
  • Main unit and sub unit currency configuration
  • Customer / Vendor name
  • Total amount in words with currency name {Eg:Hunderd Us Doller}
  • Voucher¬† narration line
  • Authorization line With signature (Administrator, Manager, receiver)
  • Contacts details attached In footer
  • Both customer / Vendor and office copy in A4 print.



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  1. Dear Sir,
    What is the cost of this application i.e receipt and payment voucher print?Can i use it for testing purposes?
    i sincerely look forward to your reply.
    M. Dev.

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