Two level discounts in Sales & Invoice – Odoo

Two level discounts in Sales & Invoice – Odoo

This app helps to give you two level discounts in Sales and Invoices. There will be two discount fields in sales order line and invoice line in which the first discount field is applied to the unit price, then the second discount field will apply to the discounted unit price.

Sale order line form

In the above example, discount I and II is 8 + 2. This is not 10 but it is 8% discount then 2% discount after that. Let’s say unit price is 100, so after first discount with 8% will become 92. Then 2% discounts from the first discounted unit price of 92. Which is 1.84 here. So final unit price become 90.16 .

The same in invoices also. This two level discounts will be mapped to customer invoice when we generate invoice from sales order.

To get this feature, You have to enable in sales settings. Sale -> Settings -> Allow discounts on sale order line.



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  1. Dear Technaureus,

    I’m so interesting with this Module, but could this module get a discount not in each product but global discount so will take effect to all product in order lines.

    i hope you can reply me Asap,

    Best Regards
    Barli HS

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