Single Invoice For Multiple Sales Order From Sales Order In Odoo
By Muhamed Yasir,

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The Odoo app developed by technaureus Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. helps the users to create single invoice for multiple sales orders from sales order list view itself in Odoo.

The user can select multiple sales orders and go to ‘More’ option on middle top of the list view. Then select ‘Multi SO One Invoice’ from the ‘More’ list. Then the pop up will give the option to proceed for creating invoice or cancel the selection. This Odoo customized module will help the user to confirm the decision. Once the user go with ‘Create Invoice’, Then the system validates that all the sales orders are from same customer or from a single group of customer(Company and its child customers) or different independent customers. If its from different independent customers, system will not allow to generate invoice. So either all the orders are from same customer or at least same customer and its child.

This will create draft invoice. Then the user have the flexibility to do any changes before validation of the invoice like adding or changing payment terms etc. This app will help the users in cases such as need to submit single invoice for all sales of a week, couple of weeks, months etc.

The following video visualises the possibilities of single invoice for multiple sales orders from sales order list view in Odoo:

This Odoo customized feature is one of the most common practice in almost all industry verticals like trading, service industry, management industry etc.

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great article i really appriciate you.

Andreas Krizan
Andreas Krizan

will this function work if bill for shipped quantity is set as billing method? Furthermore will it be possible then to invoice the partial shipments to sales orders and repeat invoicing until the order was fully shipped?