Scheduled Actions In Odoo
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Schedulers are computerized activities or automated actions that run automatically over a timespan and can complete plenty of things. The usage of Scheduled Actions are for regular running of a process. Scheduled Actions In Odoo enable to execute activities database without requiring manual interaction.  They are one of the most effective highlights of OpenERP. As the name indicates they can plan any action like sending email, checking stock amount, synchronizations, receipt and purchase activities, and so on… A scheduler executes a specific function at standard intervals, without human impedance.


Go to: Settings→Technical→Automation→Scheduled Actions

Scheduled Actions to run a process



There is a scheduled action’s table.

Priority: The priority of the job, as an integer:0 indicates high priority 10 means lower priority.

Action Name: Name of the job.

Next Execution Date: Next planned execution of this job.

Interval Number: Repeat every given interval.

Interval Unit: Unit of interval

No of calls: How many times the method is called. A negative number indicates no limit.

Active: Can activate or deactivate job.

There are several scheduled actions already. You can also create new scheduled action.

create new scheduled action in Odoo



Model on which the server actions runs.

  • Action To Do:
    • Execute Python Code: -a block of python code that will be executed.
    • Create a new Record:-create a new record with a new value.
    • Update the Record:-write on record
    • Execute several actions:-actions that trigger several other actions
    • Send Emails:-automatically send an emails
    • Add Followers:-add followers to record (available in Discuss).
  • Repeat missed:

Specify if missed occurrences should be executed when the server restart.


Here I choose Procurement: run scheduler.

At first set a reordering rule to a product.

Product→Select a Product→Reordering Rules

set a reordering rule to a product



Note: Make sure that the product route is only Buy. and the product is a stackable product.

Then make a sales order/quotation.


make a sales order/quotation



If the product on hand is less than minimum quantity as we set in reordering rule, In the purchase module a new purchase order will create as per schedule.

By default in Odoo, the scheduler will run at the specified time mentioned in the cron job or you can run manually.

Go back to Scheduled Actions.

Click on Run Manually button the top left of Scheduled Actions.

Scheduler Run Manually



Note: This feature is not visible by default, you need to enable developer mode.

Then go to Purchases and check new Requests for Quotation.

check new Requests for Quotation

Automatically create a new purchase order quotation.
Scheduled Actions in Odoo is a great feature to save your time and to make things go smoother.


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