Print Odoo POS Receipt directly to Printer

Print Odoo POS Receipt directly to Printer

In Odoo, most of us are faced the issue that, when we print pos receipt, the browser dialogue will pop up and again we need to press ‘Print/Send’ button. This is kind of duplicate work and it will consume our valuable time during our busy business hours.
To overcome this Odoo POS print receipt, we can do some confrontational changes in browser. As this is pretty simple process, we recommend the users to follow below steps before trying any odoo customization. Below are the steps we tried in Mozilla firefox browser.

Step 1: Access about:config

Open firefox and put about:config in the address bar and press enter (you will need to click the button that shows to say you know what you’re doing)

Step 2: Find the always_print_silent key

Type print.always_print_silent in the filter box at the top
If you have an entry already there and it is set to false just right click it and choose ‘toggle’ to set it to true.

Step 3: Add always_print_silent key if it is not their

a) right click the screen and choose New->boolean
b) enter print.always_print_silent as the preference name when asked and press enter
c) set boolean value to true and press enter




Hope this will help the odoo users to stop printing from browser print dialog form without any odoo customization or odoo configuration. Also believe that this will help all retail pos software users to save their time and make their process easy.

One thought on “Print Odoo POS Receipt directly to Printer

  1. Can we print receipt on two printers at the same time without pos box? Like in case of kitchen printer, we should print the same at kitchen also.

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