POS Cashier and Sales person Separately – Odoo

POS Cashier and Sales person Separately – Odoo

By default, Odoo have only one field in POS frontend to show as salesperson(in old versions) or Cashier(in new versions). This app will show both sales person and cashier separately. The POS session responsible person will consider as the real Cashier and the cashier can change any salesperson of that particular sale.


The cashier can choose any Salesperson as below:


The Salesperson and Cashier in order form.


This app helps in shops where a single cashier handles the POS system and they want to consider the sales of each salesperson separately. Also helps to give the sales report of each salesperson without changing the session of each.


9 thoughts on “POS Cashier and Sales person Separately – Odoo

  1. Do you have this for v10? is it compatible with pos_restaurant and pos_multi_session_restaurant?
    Will the name of the salesperson appear on the receipt?

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