Oil Price Updates In Odoo
By Muhamed Yasir,

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The Oil pricelist display system will show  updation of various oil prices.This system  automatically updates the oil prices of different oils daily basis. But you can also configure this by minutes, hours, months etc.

How to set oil pricelist updates in Odoo…….?

Step 1: Install Current Oil price module.


Step 2: Configuration of Oil pricelist.

Settings > Oil Price > Oil price configuration


Provide web service URL, language iso code etc. Then you will have connection test button and update button. By update button, you can manually update the current oil price and also it will update automatically daily.

Step 3: Display Of Oil Pricelist.

Settings > Oil price > Oil price


you can activate or deactivate the prices based on your preference. the pricelist system have option to  create new price and import pricelist .

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