Odoo ZKTeco Biometric Integration

Odoo ZKTeco Biometric Integration

Biometric time and attendance system has brought more precise system to measure group or individual’s activities and attendance as well.

How does the biometric attendance systems work?

Biometric attendance machine captures your unique biological/physical feature such as your hand or finger print, iris pattern and sometimes even your voice as a record for identity verification and allows you to perform something that you are authorized to do. This also count employees’ work schedule, like which employee did what, and at what time did he do it, etc. Biometric attendance system is a foolproof technology to ensure the accuracy of attendance and is useful to the ones who deal with large number of employees.

How to integrate biometric device with Odoo?

As we know most of the biometric device has its own software to record the attendance logs and calculate the total hours worked, overtime, late coming, early leaving etc. The biometric device is used not only to capture the logs but also to evaluate the performance of the employees and its must helps to prepare the appraisals of the employees. But if the HRMS(Human Resource Management Software) and biometric machine software were independent, Its again tedious job to evaluate the employee performance and appraisal.

So this Odoo Biometric Machine Integration helps to see the captured attendance logs within Odoo. we have done ZKTeco Odoo Integration with F18 Model. Our module helps to connect with biometric device and sync all data such as employee master, attendance logs etc. Based on the log, Odoo ZKTeco Biometric Integration module helps to calculate the total hours worked in each day and we have option to export the attendance or logs.

You can see how Odoo ZKTeco Biometric Integration works with below video.

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  1. is it gonna work between my TAC F18 device and odoo implemented in the Google cloud server ?>> most of the module works only in the local server and not with if odoo in the cloud.

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