Hide Price In Odoo Ecommerce

Hide Price In Odoo Ecommerce

‘Hide price in odoo ecommerce’ helps to use the ecommerce within the organization. As you know there are many organizations with huge number of employees still following the material requisition or product requisition through some papers or emails. We can replace this situation by implementing Odoo ecommerce within the organization effortlessly. When we implement the ecommerce within the company, one of the challenge is the price become public and also this will confuses the users too.

So our app hide the prices in each and every page in odoo ecommerce, which in turn helps the users just simply add the items to the cart and confirm the order. So the backend user will get the order list what they are looking for and they can deliver easily. This method replaces manual requisition or email request with odoo ecommerce. Finally all the request, process and transactions will be there in odoo. This helps to track the orders, deliveries and also provide good reporting too.


This Odoo Customization will help most of the small and medium companies to do the procurement request through ecommerce. This can use as Procurement requesting System within the Organization.

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