• Bahrain VAT In Odoo ERP


    8th January 2019 | By Muhamed Yasir

    What is VAT? A VAT is a tax on the consumption of goods and services. It is charged and collected by a taxable person and remitted to the tax authority. A taxable person, being a natural or legal person, is a person(s), who carries out the economic activity that requires them to be VAT registered.…

  • Odoo11 and Odoo12 Community Differences

    4th January 2019 | By Hiba

    COMPARISON BETWEEN ODOO11 COMMUNITY AND ODOO12 COMMUNITY Odoo version12 not only comes with usability updates and new features but also comes with brand new modules. Here highlighting some of the difference between Odoo v11 and Odoo v12. Odoo  v12 comes with a better user interface than v11 Odoo v12 introduced new modules such as document…

  • Search Engine optimization


    2nd January 2019 | By Anisha M

    As we know SEO is a major part of digital marketing as well as a major component in business success. Search Engine Optimization abbreviated as (SEO) it is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines like,, is internet marketing or web marketing that…



    2nd January 2019 | By Anisha M

    3 TYPES OF SEO TECHNIQUES Blackhat Technique Strategies that are forceful in nature and are not formulated mostly for the human audience but rather for search engine are by and large goes under blackhat systems. A few sites are enticed to fall back on the deceptive methods for SEO and which more often breaks the…


    1st January 2019 | By Anisha M

    CHANGES CAN CHANGE YOU & YOUR BUSINESS                                       Now, it’s all in your hands that you can change the world from your fingertip. Everything become digitalized. Online mode of marketing changed the face of traditional marketing. The…

  • Product Comparison In Odoo E-commerce


    28th December 2018 | By Arunima

    Product comparison is an important feature in e-commerce. By using this feature customer can select right product for all their need. This feature helps a customer match products with products of similar properties but different values. In Odoo website, this product comparison is very much user friendly. Let see, how to get this feature in…

  • How To Offer Discounts In Odoo Ecommerce?


    27th December 2018 | By Muhammed Nizarudheen

    Offers and discounts are the important strategies used in the e-commerce for attracting the customers. Special promotional offers are given to the hesitant shoppers, so that they turn into your customers and your customers turn into your repeat customers. Odoo provides this feature in a very simple way. In this blog, we will see how…

  • Online Marketing v/s Offline Marketing


    21st December 2018 | By Asraya

    Online and offline marketing may have the same principle, but they each require distinctive approaches and deliver different outcomes. Many of the organizations work on both marketing strategy to develop brand awareness and reach till audiences. There are a few differences between online and offline marketing, let’s find out what are they.   Online Marketing…

  • How to set default terms and condition for quotation or orders in Odoo


    4th November 2018 | By Hiba

    Specifying terms and conditions is essential to maintain good relationship between customer and the seller. Every seller has to declare all the information regarding the products and company policy so that customer can read all these terms and condition before committing to anything. In odoo, you can set the terms and condition for sale from…

  • How To Configure Global Leaves In Odoo


    3rd November 2018 | By Muhammed Nizarudheen

    How to configure public leaves in Odoo? Global leaves are the leaves which are applicable to all the employees in a company. In this blog, we will see how to configure global leaves in Odoo. This is very common questions for all HRMS users. Go to >Employees module  >Settings  >Work Organization, select create and edit  …