Advantages of Python over other Programming Languages
By Muhammed Nizarudheen,

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Advantages of Python over other programming Languages (Why Python?)

In 1989, when it’s creator Guido van Rossum started developing python, he adopted all the good features from other programming languages. Python is a dynamically typed programming language. The syntax of python is borrowed from C and ABC languages.

Features of python:

  1. Easy to learn and use.
  2. Object Oriented programming language.
  3. Free and open source.
  4. Cross-platform .
  5. Large standard library  provides rich set of module and functions.
  6. Easily integrated with other programming languages like c, c++, java etc.
  7. Wider application level.
  8. High level programming language.
  9. Easy to run the program.
  10. Is a scripting language.

Following are the major advantages of python when comparing with other programming languages.

1. Easy  to use

Python typically involves less code. This makes easy to program in python. It takes less time to write a program in python while comparing other programming languages. There are only 33 keywords in python while it is 50 in java. Python programs are 3 to 5 times shorter while comparing other language equivalent programs. This reduced the cost of development. The productivity of developers has been increased. The IT giants started shifting to the python because of its versatile features and fewer programming codes. Let’s have an example


Java Example


Python Example


2. Diversified application in the software development

By using Python, we can develop desktop GUI applications as well as websites and web applications.  We can develop gaming, web frameworks, language development, prototyping, graphic design applications,  data science or data analysis, IOT applications etc. we can also use python for developing the user interface. Django is the python framework for web development.


3. Used by world leading companies

IT giants like google, yahoo, Nokia, IBM, Instagram, Quora, Dropbox, Industrial Light And  Magic etc are using python.

These are the words by  Peter Norvig, director of search quality at Google, Inc.

“Python has been an important part of Google since the beginning and remains so as the system grows and evolves. Today dozens of Google engineers use Python, and we’re looking for more people with skills in this language.”

The popularity of python is increasing faster than any other languages. The following graph clearly shows this.

Graphical representation of popularity of python


4. Extensive Support Libraries

Python library is very extensive, providing a wide range of facilities. Modules written in python provides the standardized solution for many errors occurred during programming. In addition to the standard library, there is a growing collection of modules to packages and entire application development packages. Few examples are string operations, Internet, web service tools, operating system interfaces, and protocols.


Python is an extremely capable language and is a rising star. Python provides wide varieties of futures which are not provided by any other programing language. It provides an easy usage of the code lines, maintenance can be handled in a great way, and debugging can be done easily too. It has gained wide popularity around the world. These Advantages of Python makes it really awesome. So this will answer Why Python? nowadays.

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