Odoo / OpenERP is a complete suite of business applications including CRM, Sales, Project management, Warehouse management, Manufacturing, Financial management and Human Resources management. Odoo is one of the most used open source solution in the world. It has a dynamic community,and it is adaptable, and can be adjusted to your requirements.

Odoo Services at Technaureus

Odoo Implementation

ERP Implementation is the most imperative piece of any business change process, a right execution saves time and money and in addition can give a huge lift to the advancement of an association. Our implementation service helps the client for maximising their business benefits. Technaureus can help organizations to reduce risk, maximise return, and brings a standard throughout the departments. We guarantee a systematical approach to implement your business applications.

Odoo Customization

Customization gives that Tailor made involvement in an application concentrating on the customer’s prerequisites and thoughts. Odoo offers a complete functional package to get together an organization’s prerequisite, however there will be always an additional required by the customers. Our customization service helps to simplify your business process and will save your employees both time and effort. Companies can choose the right level of engagement to suit the unique needs and business challenges. The applications are modified for each departments in your business. Every employee will have an idea of how the application work.

Odoo Migration

Odoo is the most widely used business application all over the world. As more organizations move to Odoo, new version keep on developing, migration has become the well known theme of discussion .Odoo Migration at Technaureus will upgrade your business to next level.

Odoo Integration

You often require various tools to make maintaining your business more effective and up to date. On the other hands you need to count of your sales, products in the warehouse and manage project. We at technaureus will build customized architecture of Odoo to combine new or existing hardware, software and other communications.

Odoo Functional and technical training

Technaureus provides online and offline training opportunities to help clients become familiar with the software and improve the productivity. We are providing a wide variety of training materials. Those materials designed to help both users and admins to get clear idea about the product.

Odoo Onsite and offshore support

Server Maintenance is the key factor for the smooth functioning of ERP solutions. Our team is focused on rapidly and effectively resolving any technical issues.We  provides a worldwide help desk support, through telephone, Skype, Email and remote administration.

Why choose Odoo

Does your current ERP framework lack the functionality you require? Odoo/Open ERP offers an abundance of functionalities with over a 3000 modules. These modules can be deployed to meet your business requirements. Odoo/OpenERP is effectively being produced and upheld by the community and the stack of functionality keeps on expanding. Choosing an ERP framework that has the functionality you require is essential. One of the initial phases in any implementation is to evaluate your company’s processes. Technaureus can help with evaluating how well Odoo/ Open ERP functionalities match your requirements.