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Keeping your guest happy is all within your hands. Effective restaurant management is not a simple task. It involves several challenges such as public relations, inventory maintenance, proper table maintenance, dealing with staff, and customer service. While starting a restaurant make sure that it is always something special in your hands that can capture audience mind. There for be always careful on the choosing of of a POS software for restaurant. The best option will always be the Odoo POS Restaurant System as the Odoo POS offers immensive features to the users and also the customers.

Menu management

Order Management

Table Management

Floor Management

Kitchen Management

Guest Management

Catering Management

Delivery Management

Staff Management

Membership & Loyalty

Payment & Billing

Feedback Management

Retain your customers & grow your business

A Best Restaurant POS Software elevate your name

Having an ERP software for the smooth running of a restaurant will be an added advantage in increasing profitability of a restaurant business. Even though the profitability is all within many other sub-area’s like customer, kitchen, table, feedback, menu and many other sub management sectors of a restaurant..all these can be available within a single restaurant pos. As a result, an effective system will raise your name among your competitors.

Odoo Restaurant Management Software

Restaurant management become easier now with the Odoo POS restaurant system. This will helps to run the restaurants smoothly. In Odoo POS Development, we have option to create restaurant floors, tables, no. of chairs etc. We can design our floor with different colour and similarly we can design  the tables with different colour and shape such as round, square, rectangle etc. This helps to take orders to different tables and manage the customers  effectively.


♥ Improved collaboration and communication ♥ Efficient track performance ♥ Live support through out the project ♥ Better business decision-making ♥ Efficient control over restaurant expenses ♥ Identification and addressing of issues at the store and corporate levels
♥ Odoo Restaurant POS Software
♥ Save time in the process & daily operations ♥ Reduce staff errors ♥ The modules are tailored to your needs & budget ♥ Improved customer service ♥ More friendly & modern interface ♥

Restaurant Management ERP

We believe in delivering best world class solutions to our customers with our years of expertise in the field of restaurant pos solutions. If you want to boom your business more than your expectation...or if you are in a search of cost effective open source restaurant pos software We are here to lift up you, We helps you to implement the Odoo restaurant pos system and makes your job easy to manage your customers and make your customers happy. 

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