Queue Management System

Waiting in a queue, standing for your turn & simply wasting time is no one’s favourite activity. If you have poor service quality, & frustrated customers, you can change the situation by implementing quality service experience through planned strategy. Improving the time & way people queue in various places is an important contributor to customer satisfaction. For the administration department, a proper queue management system can be a tool to control & steer the flow of customers during peak hours. As a result, they can work systematically by managing better handling of customers. Here you will familiarise with a system, that lead to the customer satisfaction.






Customer Display

Smart Dashboard



Fed-up on irksome waiting??

First in first out

Just think…….there is no unnecessary queuing or waiting around you. No repeat appointments or cancellations due to lack of information or the wrong documentation. Just a steady flow of satisfied visitors…Whoa!! 😊 Now take a step forward with a top queue management system. With our queue management solutions, everyone knows exactly when, how and what they’re supposed to be doing. Before, during and after every visit.

Odoo Queue Management ERP

Technaureus developed a QMS which is built on Odoo. Hence it is completely integrated with all modules of Odoo. This helps to maintain all the benefits of odoo along with QMS. Moreover, provide a single solution for the entire enterprise. Odoo Queue Management System gathers information about services, customers, and their wait time. It is very helpful when the crowd is immense and uncontrollable. The analytics in QMS helps in identifying the key areas that are in need of improvement.



♥ Odoo Queue Management ERP
♥ Real-time notifications ♥ Reduces queue length, as well as perceived and actual wait times thus improving customer satisfaction. ♥ Organizes your lines and enforces business rules – appointments, priorities and so forth. ♥ Providing Self-Service Kiosks ♥ Cultivating refined customer experiences ♥ Enables performance and service level analysis, thus helping management streamline customer service and reduce operation costs. ♥ Integrates with different platforms
♥Eliminate long times. ♥Boost staff productivity. ♥Manage customer queues. ♥Staff satisfaction ♥Improve service quality. ♥Customer feedback ♥Optimize cost and service levels. ♥Improve customer satisfaction ♥Enhance communication ♥Real time queue monitoring ♥Simple check-ins ♥Appointment scheduling ♥Attractive dashboard ♥Reporting ♥Multi department support ♥Multi counter support ♥Multi language support ♥Session control and log ♥Service and sub-service ♥Kiosk for token generation ♥Customer display ♥Ads management ♥Restaurant table compatible ♥Configurable kiosks ♥User level access control ♥Average waiting time ♥Token voice calling with multi language ♥No:of people ahead in queue ♥Tokens log ♥Token receipt with bar-code. ♥Customer information records. ♥Configurable header and footer in Kiosks, Token receipt ♥etc. ♥Call alert ♥Virtual keyboard on Kiosks ♥Web based solution ♥Customization will cost additional.

We will not talk at people..talk with people..

Technaureus queue management software helps you to get rid of your wastage of time and make fast of all your works when you reached into a hospital, bank, Government sectors, public service sectors, schools, colleges, public transport sectors, airports and many other service Sectors. Here we love to know amazing things happens with QMS. Give Us a Call to find out more about the queue management ERP which best suits to your business..

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