Project Management ERP

An ERP for project management is key to a successful enterprise software implementation. Inadequate project management has played a major role in failed implementations. In other words: ” If you fail to are planning to fail “. Therefore proper project planning is always a necessary factor for the success of a project. In the present world of competition, e perfect planning can definitely help you to grow.









Project management ERP : A guiding force for the team

Is everything according to your project plan?

There will be always happiness, if everything happens like as exactly your plans. project management system acts as a control center for every stage of the process. You can easily manage sources and materials, create and analyze your plan, and run evaluations on the profitability of your projects. Although, managing a project is not as simple as it seems, it’s one of the keys to the success of software implementation.

Odoo project management ERP

Project management is very easy with Odoo. Odoo project management ERP module gives an efficient solution for sort out a task and monitors advancements. This application is intended to be easy to understand and connect with other Odoo modules including Sales, Invoicing, Mailing, and e-signature, reducing time spent on information entry. It is easy to track the status of each and every task. Things are more organized and much more visible with it. Tasks can be divided into many sub tasks and can be assigned to different employees


♥ Raises the understanding of the stakeholders ♥ Help you for the fast decision making ♥ Encourages focused thinking by all parties in the implementation ♥ Enhances control by improving process visibility, which allows escalations and alerts to be managed ♥ Great planning of meeting agenda ♥ Continuous supervision ♥ Alignment of strategic goals.
♥ Odoo project management ERP
♥ Modern User Interface ♥ Filters and Groups ♥ Fully Customizable ♥ Supported with Mobiles ♥Large screen view ♥ Customized Kanban View ♥ Calendar of Deadlines ♥Multi-Project Management ♥ Document Management ♥ Gantt Chart ♥ Graphs ♥ Pivot Table Analysis ♥ Time Tracking ♥ Document Management ♥ Archive Tasks ♥ Sub tasks ♥ Customer Tickets ♥ Email Integration ♥ Service Level ♥ Automate Actions ♥ Email Integration ♥ Chat with Users ♥ Custom Alerts ♥ Real-Time Collaboration ♥ Activity Log ♥ Timesheets ♥ Forecasts ♥ Customer Satisfaction ♥ Customer Portal ♥ Contracts ♥ Invoicing Policy ♥ Internal Projects ♥ Support Contracts ♥ Post-Sale Services ♥ Customer Projects Dashboard ♥ Tasks Analysis ♥ Issues Analysis ♥ Project overview ♥ Gantt Chart ♥ Integrations with Powerful API ♥ Google Docs ♥ Expenses ♥ Accounting

Let's talk about improving your business with a project management ERP

Projects application area ensures the profitability of projects while helping your organization address accounting and financial requirements, as well as increasingly stringent regulatory standards. We helps you to implement the Odoo project management ERP and makes your job easier. Technaureus, can assume overall responsibility for delivery of your project, providing resources to advise the Steering Team as well as managing the project implementation. Simply connect with us to have a effective project control.

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