Educational Management ERP

Today it is important to have a better system to manage the assets of future generation which are today’s students. When the demand for the education becomes higher, the institutions face difficulties in handling the activities including admissions, section wise student information, students or staff attendance, student examinations, results, course management, and records on passed out students, library & hostel management & many more. An Odoo Educational ERP Software can solve all these challenges in within a single platform.








HR and Payroll

File Tracking

Online Feedback

Payment Gateway

Faculty Management

Student Tracking

Hostel Management

Course Management

Time Table

Technology in The Classroom

Best School ERP 2020

Empowering your institution takes more than just software; it takes a holistic approach with people, processes, and technology. However, an erp software can join all the essential things which needed for an educational institution within one single platform. While we are in 2019, the education system completely got changed, as, a result it is important to grow the technology sector for the easy running of a growing industry.

Education ERP Software With Odoo

Having an ERP software in an educational sector will help you to manage the entire institution within one solution. Odoo an open erp will help you to manage the entire work flow of your institution. Like Admission, students  visitor’s, exams, faculties, file tracking, HR and Payroll, meeting, online feedback, fleet, & hostel management. Odoo erp supports all the functionalities of a school and is customized according to the user’s requirement.


♥ Increase the school's goodwill. ♥ Improves students & staffs productivity ♥ Enhances parents engagement ♥ Complete Solution of University, Colleges & School & even day care's ♥ Eliminates unnecessary paper works ♥ Enhance financial transparency & accountability
♥ We offer the lowest possible charge in the market with excellent quality work. ♥ Our well-trained team provides round the clock continuous service without any kind of interruption. ♥ Technaureus Educational ERP offers customized education management system. ♥ Quick implementation of software ♥ Full time support throughout the contract
♥ Simplify Admission Process ♥ Centralized Data Management ♥ Data Security ♥ A quicker management process ♥ Cost Effective ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Empowering your institution starts with giving people the right information at the right time. Our systems make your organisation efficient, informed, and capable of delivering great constituent experiences. If you are in a search of a cost effective educational erp software, we will help you to implement the right one.

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