Surat Jeddah

A Journey Success of Surat Jeddah Trading Company Project (SJTC)

Business Vertical: Wholesale & Retail Supermarkets
Odoo Version: 15 Enterprises
Server: Odoo SH


About Client  

Surat Jeddah Trading Company (SJTC) is Saudi based multi branches supermarket organization that follows retail business and wholesale business operations. SJTC has 7 branches and one holding company.

An established company with multi branches along with one acting as the headquarters maintaining their trading business.  We treated these multiple branches as multi companies & a holding company as a Parent Company in the Odoo environment, so they can use consolidated financial reports for multiple branches. SJTC has a wholesale company and others are retail business shops.
Challenges faced by SJTC on previous products,

Surat Jeddah Trading Company handles supermarkets and has seven outlets in the retail industry with various software programs in each branch. They now require a centralized system; the business must have a centrally managed system that oversees the consolidation of all branches.

1. Incapable multi-company management, with one branch functioning as the parent and seven other branches
2. Except for the receipt of consumer payments, all financial management functions for all branches were set up to operate from the capital branch.
3. Efficient Inventory & Payroll Management

4. Manage Everything from one system

Technaureus - Implementation Methodology

Technaureus(TIS) helped SJTC to integrate its business operations into Odoo ERP which streamlined its varied business functions. The various phases of Odoo 15ep will be planned out by TIS using an Agile framework. This will give the development team and all project stakeholders the best opportunity to address potential risks so they don't inhibit the delivery of Odoo Enterprise version 15 from succeeding.
SJTC approached us to overcome their issues and the reliability of data using their previous product. SJTC need to manage its inventories, payroll management, accounts and accounting reports, sales & purchases, barcode wise operations to make their efforts easier & consolidated reports of multiple branches. Apart from default Odoo, we have done 30% of customizations in operations and other printing outcomes. TIS made frequent communications to understand their complete requirements and challenges. Finally, 
Odoo comes to the assistance result.
Main Apps implemented: Accounting, Invoicing, Sales, Inventory & Barcode, POS, Purchase, Employee & Payroll.
Number of Users: 30
Brighter days with Odoo

·       Single integrated system
·       Reduce redundant data entry and processes
·       Improve your workflow and efficiency
·       Establish your unique processes that are based on recognized best business practices



Establish your unique processes that are based on recognized best business practices Odoo’s implementation improved the running of the multi-company management while also reliability in data level. Both the management and the workforce profited from the advanced operational capabilities and tools.

Since SJTC is a supermarket organization with multiple companies, we have migrated a huge bulk of master data, and COA, and configured all companies with shared requirement forms from clients. SJTC has a bulk amount of package products and we have done customization regarding these package products in Purchase, Sales & POS operations. Also, TIS has done some pre-printed voucher prints of SJTC's different branches and specified reports too.

An Outflow of Positive Results 

1. SJTC can manage the accounting information for their branches and other information directly from the parent company by Multi Companies Management & all of their businesses can be managed from a single environment and one central platform, providing unity for their entire operation.
2. They can now create several sets of reports based on their needs, and they have the option to add more filters to make the process easier

3. Effective & Advanced management of Inventories, Masters & Payroll
4. Company to Company transfer management
5. Support & Manages vast sales through POS
6. Easy to manage Documentation & everything can be managed from a single environment
7. Advanced & customizable Reporting features
SJTC managed the operation of all parts of their organization with the help of TIS's efficient customization and appropriate implementation. Finally, we allowed SJTC to realize its potential with a few top-notch TIS solutions.