• Odoo Partner ( res.partner ) Concept

    Odoo Partner ( res.partner ) Concept

    3rd April 2019 | By Muhammed Nizarudheen

    In any ERP, the partner is one of the key concepts. In odoo, we can find hardly modules with no relation with ‘res.partner’. Technaureus, an Odoo ERP implementation partner explain in detail about the concept of Odoo partner in the following blog. ResPartner is a model in open ERP/Odoo. ‘res’ is used in odoo for the core…


    Technaureus software company in Calicut providing rebranding service as the part of branding.

    1st April 2019 | By Anisha M

                           Change is the law of nature Some of you may think why the caption is like this. The answer is here in the concept of rebranding which is explained here in detail. Rebranding is not only the change of image, logo or name but…

  • Sales Management in Odoo 12

    Sales management in odoo

    30th March 2019 | By Amrutha

    Sales Management is a business discipline which is focused on the practical application of sales techniques and the management of a firm’s sales operations. Sales Management in Odoo having an odoo sales module. This module allow you to manage and classify your sales orders on a structural and hierarchical system. Sales management module is one…

  •  Create Invoice From Task in Odoo

     Create Invoice From Task in Odoo banner image

    27th March 2019 | By Muhammed Nabeel

    It is possible to  Create Invoice From Task in Odoo. We can’t create an invoice from task directly, therefore we have to create a product as in service type and give sales price in its General Information:   Then select the ‘invoice based on’ Timesheets and ‘service tracking’ by creating a task in a new project…

  • How to fix Chinese font issue in Odoo Qweb Report

    Way to fix Chinese font issue in Odoo Qweb Report

    25th March 2019 | By Sarin

    A language is a communication system which are used by the people of a particular country or region for communication. Language compatibility is always important in business operations across the world. Odoo provides you with the option to manage in different languages, and each user can use Odoo in his own language. When will be…

  • Record Employee’s Expenses By Email in Odoo

    Record Employee's Expenses By Email in Odoo

    21st March 2019 | By Muhammed Nabeel

    Odoo offers an option for recording employee expenses. Recording employee’s expenses by email is a feature of Odoo. Usually, an employee can record his expenses by, Expenses>My Expenses>Expenses To Submit: Then click on create a button     But also in Odoo, the employees can record their expenses through a simple email. To do so…

  • Product Delivery Packages in odoo 11

    Product Delivery Packages in odoo 11

    18th March 2019 | By Muhammed Nizarudheen

    Inventory is an inevitable part which holds the business from falling down. Plethora of activities goes into inventory management, an excellent software like Odoo, inventory management is very crucial and significant for streamlining each and every action.  The following blog explains the Product Delivery Packages in odoo 11. When a sales order is confirmed, next process…

  • Import Lot/Serial Number in Incoming Shipment in Odoo

    Import Lot/Serial Number in Incoming Shipment in Odoo

    14th March 2019 | By Arunima

    Importing lot/serial number is an important task and it must be done carefully. When purchase orders are big on regular basis the whole process become super lengthy. We developed a module, which helps you to import lot/serial number in incoming shipment in odoo using excel file. It will make whole process so simple and less time…

  • Manage Expiry Products In Odoo

    Manage Expiry Products In Odoo banner image

    11th March 2019 | By Muhammed Nizarudheen

    Odoo provides features of expiry products management. You can easily track the products based on their expiry date. You can sell the products with least expiry first. In odoo you can set an alert date by which user can set alert date for a specific tracked product in stock. Only the products with tracking can…

  • Manufacturing In Odoo

    Manufacturing In Odoo

    7th March 2019 | By Muhammed Nabeel

    Manufacturing in Odoo helps us to simplifies the manufacturing processes. Manufacturing in Odoo has the following advantages. Efficient Scheduling of Manufacturing Orders Define Flexible Master Data Schedule Work Orders Fully Integrated with Operations First of all we have to install the Manufacturing Module from Apps to have these features:   To create a manufacturing order…