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Translate Product Name In Odoo Automatically


Muhammed NizarudheenJan. 9, 2019

Language translation in Odoo is valuable for translating words into the other language. Odoo language translation permits us to translate the content in our preferred language without any customization. Odoo can use distinct languages for various clients and can change website pages into numerous languages. This module is used to translate the product name in Odoo to any other desired language. Here the user need not required to translate the name. The translator translates the selected product name to the required language. The user can select any language. The ISO code given for the language should be the default language ISO code. In the following blog, I will explain how to translate product name in Odoo.

You can translate a single product or multiple products at a time.

Click the button ‘Translate To’ button in the product form.

Click the button ‘Translate To’ forProduct Name Translate The button ‘Translate To’ in the list view of the product can be used to translate multiple products at a time.

translate multiple products at a timeNow a wizard will pop up. Select the required language. Click the translate button. Now the translator will translate the product name into the selected language.

product name transilated into the selected languageThe non translated product will be in the wizard.

product name is shown in the wizard if it is not translated You can see the translated names in the below screenshots

Product view

translated names in the screenshotsView of Product list 

Product list view

Product kanban view

Product kanban view

You will get a detailed view on how to load translations in Odoo from here:


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