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Odoo 11 and It's Features


Muhamed YasirOct. 5, 2017


Odoo version 11- banner

  • Impressive and user friendly home screen

Odoo version 11- Screen view

  • Odoo 11 making users more productive and systematic.

Odoo 11 productive and systematic

  • Layout of invoice for printing

Odoo 11 invoice print layout

Odoo 11 Technaureus- invoice print layout 1

  • Fit to working environment

Odoo 11 fits to Mobile, Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, Landscape.

Working Environment fitness of Odoo11

  • Mobile Interface

Odoo Introducing Mobile interface with ios and android. Its very fast with native. in ios store (Apps store) available Odoo 10 and odoo 11 versions.

Click Link:

Odoo 11 Mobile Interface

new Androiapp

Click Link:

  • Rewards & Feedback

Introducing a rewarding user interface great feedback and rewards, delivered with a smile.

Odoo 11 Reward and feedback

Odoo 11 Technaureus- Reward

Odoo 11 Technaureus- Smile view

  • Beautiful Kanban view

Beautiful Kanban view of Odoo 11

  • New Settings

New Settings in odoo

Odoo 11 Technaureus- Settings

  • Super Speed

Odoo 11 save user precious time, so it is better than odoo 10. In speed test, odoo 11 have 3X faster compare to odoo 10.

Super Speed feature of odoo

  • Communication

Odoo Chatter changed the way communicate around business Documents.

  • Scheduled Activities

Odoo 11 Introduced scheduled activities , It helps organize activities with Mail, Phone call and Meeting integration.

Scheduled Activities Features in odoo

Odoo 11 Technaureus- scheduled1

Odoo 11 Technaureus- chatter

Odoo 11 Technaureus- scheduled 2

Odoo 11 Technaureus- scheduled 3

Odoo 11 Technaureus- scheduled 4

Odoo 11 Technaureus- chatter1

Odoo 11 Technaureus- chatter3

  • Odoo Studio

Features Of Odoo Studio:

odoo Studio features

Odoo Studio helps to build on customisation or creation of new apps. In Odoo studio we have option to Change background with import and export menu.

Background change option in odoo

How to create new app?

create new app with Odoo version

odoo 11 Studio -technaureus2

odoo 11 Studio -technaureus3

odoo 11 Studio -technaureus5

odoo 11 Studio -technaureus6

odoo 11 Studio -technaureus7

odoo 11 Studio -technaureus9










  • Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation in odoo

  • odoo 11 Studio -technaureus features1

odoo 11 Studio -technaureus features2

odoo 11 Studio -technaureus features3

Odoo Open ERP

odoo ERP 11

odoo Studio

If you want to know more about Odoo 11 FEATURES visit :

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