Quotation Template in Odoo
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What is Quotation Template ?

Sales Quotation Template is a predefined format of documents used to reply customer request for quotations. They are used by companies from all size to send their customer’s quotation based on the requirements. Which includes the default information such as company name, address, quantities, rates, earliest possible shipping dates and sales person’s contact. These templates increase the efficiency by reducing time spent on trying to develop quotations for each customers separately.

Quotation template in Odoo

Odoo is a complete package of all business applications including CRM, Sales, Human Resource Management, Finance Management, Inventory Management, Project Management, Manufacturing etc. Odoo simplifies the business activities by ready-made templates, which is one time development reduces repeat works.

Odoo influence all business activities, especially Sales Management, which tracks all the sales activities from production to the successful delivery. Sales module has quotation template feature, which will aid you to maintain your reports in a superior way. Odoo has various types of in-build templates in the app, admin can select the suitable template and set company details, logos, text color, also can add product descriptions in the quotation. It is possible to customize based on the business requirements.

Following are the benefits of quotation templates.

  • One time setup will reduce time and increase efficiency.
  • Various report template styles.
  • Managing styles of all report fields.
  • Default templates for every report
  • Fast support
  • Handle styles of all report fields.

Let’s have a look into the creation of quotation template in Odoo.

1. To enable Quotation Template,

Go to Sales > Settings > Tick on Quotations Templates under Quotations & Order > Save.



Then go to  Sales > Configuration > Sales Order > Quotation Template > Create.

Below is the quotation template form, Here you can create quotations based on the requirements.

Fill number of days that quotation expires and add items under Lines.


Go to Suggested Products

Here you have an option to suggest products to the customers by click on Add an Item.


Click on Confirmation to choose the Confirmation Mode and Confirmation Mail.


Finally save the details.

Then will see how it works.

Go to Sales > Quotations > Create.

Fill all the fields like customer name, Invoice address and delivery address, then select the quotation template as template feature. Then, expiration date, ordered products and suggested products will be automatically updated to the field.


In ‘Other Information’ tab, choose the fiscal position, tag and customer reference.


By clicking on Send By Mail you can sent the quotation to the selected customer.



This will be very effective where the quotations / orders are same except customer name and quote date. So In such cases, once we choose the customer and choose the template will do the rest of the quote preparation.

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