Manufacturing In Odoo
By Muhammed Nabeel,

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Manufacturing in Odoo helps us to simplifies the manufacturing processes. Manufacturing in Odoo has the following advantages.

  • Efficient Scheduling of Manufacturing Orders
  • Define Flexible Master Data
  • Schedule Work Orders
  • Fully Integrated with Operations

To have these features we have to install the Manufacturing Module from Apps:

install the Manufacturing Module


To create a manufacturing order we need a Bill of Materials (BoM). For that go to Manufacturing>Master Data>Bill of Materials:

Opton for Bill of Materials


Then go to Manufacturing>Operations>Manufacturing Orders to create the manufacturing order:

create the manufacturing order


After saving the manufacturing order, we get options to Check the availability of the product or to produce or there is an option to put the product in the scarp

If there are any defects in the products.



If we want to produce then we have to enter the quantity by clicking on the produce button:




After production, we can post the product in Inventory and Mark it as done.

If we select the scraps there also we should specify the quantity:

post the product in Inventory


And we can see this in the Manufacturing>Operation>Scrap Orders:



We can also see the manufactured products in Manufacturing>Master Data>Products:



In Manufacturing>Configuration>Resources: we can see and set the Working Hours and Resources Leave:

Working Hours and Resources Leave




If we are creating any Byproducts in any manufacturing we have to specify its details also. This can be easily done in Odoo Manufacturing module by,

Go to Manufacturing>Configuration>Settings: And check By-Products in the Products option:



Then go to Manufacturing>Master Data>Bill of Materials: to add the By-products details.

add the By-products details



The detailed view of manufacturing in each version is here:

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