Catch Weight Management In Odoo

Catch Weight Management In Odoo

What is Catch Weight?

Catch Weight is a food industry term that means “approximate weight”. Because unprocessed food products (particularly meats) naturally vary in size and weight from piece to piece, most food sold by the case is sold by catch weight.

Catch weight products use two units of measure – an inventory unit and a catch weight unit. The inventory unit is the unit of measure in which the product is weighed and invoiced. The catch weight unit is the unit in which the inventory is sold and shipped.

catchweight in odoo

How to manage catch weight in Odoo?

We have developed a module to manage the catch weight in odoo. This module helps to input the catch weight in Quotation, Sales Order, RFQ, Purchase Order, Invoices and Delivery Order etc. So in product master form, user have option to configure separate UOM for catch weight. And also user can configure whether the sales price or cost price is based on inventory UOM or catch weight UOM. Hence based on this, quotation, sales order, purchase order and invoices will calculate the amount.

catch weight management in odoo

Below screenshot is from sales order with catch weight. So user can enter both the inventory qty as well as catch weight qty. So based on the configuration in product master, it will calculate the price of the quote.

technaureus catch weight management in Odoo

Similarly you have option in purchase orders, delivery orders, quotation print outs, invoice print outs etc.

Please you can see our app for more features and screenshots.

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