• WhatsApp Marketing For Business Growth

    WhatsApp Marketing For Business Growth

    30th January 2019 | By Muhamed Yasir

    In the modern world everything get digitized. Traditional methods of marketing through print media have drastically shifted with the increasing popularity of digitization. Now it’s all in your hands that, you can market your products in your finger tip. WhatsApp Marketing boost your sales.This opportunity now fulfilled only with specific online services such as WhatsApp…

  • Multi Step Route Operations For Product Moves In Odoo

    Multi Step Route Operations For Product Moves In Odoo

    29th January 2019 | By Muhammed Nizarudheen

    Odoo supports Multi Step Route Operations For Product Moves. In many cases, there are multiple steps in the routing process. Different companies have a different process when an order is confirmed. Let’s go for an example. The order is confirmed having two products from the same warehouse. In the warehouse, the products might be in…

  • Inventory Adjustment In Odoo

    Inventory Adjustment In Odoo

    28th January 2019 | By Arunima

    Sometimes, Business organizations face a problem of decreasing amount of inventory items without sale. This happened because of inventory breakage ,loss, theft etc. Inventory adjustments are increases and decreases  made to inventory to match an item’s actual on-hand quantity. One of the most important feature of warehouse management system is to keep inventory right. Odoo…

  • Project Management In Odoo

    Project Management In Odoo

    25th January 2019 | By Muhammed Nizarudheen

    In Odoo OpenERP, a project is said to be a set of assignments to be completed. The Odoo project management ERP  module gives an efficient solution for sort out a task and monitors advancements. This application is intended to be easy to understand and connect with other Odoo modules including Sales, Invoicing, Mailing, and e-signature, reducing time…

  • Schedule Activity And Notification In Odoo

    Schedule Activity And Notification In Odoo

    24th January 2019 | By Arunima

    The business includes various types of a process from simple to complex. Scheduling activities have an important role in business enterprises. It is possible to schedule Activity for particular dates or times or leave the time field open to add it to the task list. For those Activities planned with a particular due date and time, you additionally…

  • How To Set Multiple Languages On Odoo Website?

    How To Set Multiple Languages On Odoo Website?

    23rd January 2019 | By Hiba

    Odoo provides multi-language functionality and to support Multiple Languages On Odoo you need to do some configuration. Multi-Language in Odoo is a useful feature for all the language users. Go to settings>>>Translation>>>Load a translation. One pop up will open and you can select the language you need and mark true websites to load translation to…

  • Analytical Accounting In Odoo

    Analytical Accounting In Odoo

    21st January 2019 | By Asraya

    Analytical Accounting Tracking income and expenses is one of the most essential internal procedures a business can utilize. In business, analytic accounting is a name for the mandatory component of project management. It depends on financial data to make judgments about how, when and why a business spreads and gets money. Analytical accounting uses a…

  • How Administrator can reset user’s password in Odoo?

    How Administrator can reset user’s password in Odoo

    18th January 2019 | By Asraya

    A password is a word or series of characters utilized for user verification to demonstrate identity or access approval to gain access to a resource, which is to be kept secret from those not allowed access. Odoo uses Username or email and password to access the database.  Administrator can reset user’s password from user’s menu. In…

  • How To Configure Bank Accounts In Odoo

    How To Configure Bank Accounts In Odoo

    17th January 2019 | By Hiba

    In Odoo, it is possible to configure the bank account very easily. You can manage multiple bank accounts and credit cards easily and efficiently. A user can create, update or delete their bank account details in simple steps. In this blog, you could understand the creation, modification or deletion of bank or credit card accounts with…

  • TIMEZONE in Odoo

    TIMEZONE in Odoo

    15th January 2019 | By Asraya

    Indicating the Timezone field enables Odoo to coordinate the display of date and time on messages. Leaving Timezone empty for a user will sometimes lead to unpredictable behavior in the Odoo Programming. Ensure you indicate a Timezone while making a user record. If you have more than one user and for each user, you can…